Working Out Could Kill Junk-Food Cravings…

January 24, 2014
health news

…plus more of the latest and greatest health news that had us talking this week

Have a tough time choosing the salad over the fries? Go for a run. A study released this week found that after an hour on the treadmill, participants showed a decreased appetite and were more likely to crave lighter fare. [Runner’s World]


Subsisting on bland shakes in place of whole foods sounds like a recipe for some serious hanger (angry hunger), so we were surprised to learn this week that more than 20,000 people have shelled out a combined $2 million to preorder a new meal-replacement powder that’s said to contain all the nutrients you need to survive. [MSN News]

A freezing bedroom can make it tough to roll out of bed in the morning, but before you touch that thermostat, check out this report on a new study that found that lower temps can help you burn more calories. [NBC News]

Yet another reason to eat more fiber: A new study found that a breakfast fortified with oat bran kept eaters more full than a low-fiber meal. [Women’s Health]

Got a Fitbit over the holidays? Cool! But you might not be able to depend on its sleep-tracking features. According to a new report, fitness trackers measure activity more accurately than they monitor sleep patterns. [Live Science]

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