They Beat Diabetes with Exercise

Find out how six people fought type 2 diabetes with fitness—and transformed their bodies in the process

October 26, 2012
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1/11 Ben Carstens, Alicia Murphy, Zack Sailer

The American Diabetes Association estimates that 25.8 million people suffer from diabetes--including 7 million who have gone undiagnosed. (Search: Diabetes symptoms) While this disease is potentially devastating, type 2 diabetes can be conquered. Take it from these six individuals. Saddled with extra pounds, distressing family medical histories, and diabetes diagnoses, they decided to get their health back on track by getting fit. Discover how they dropped weight and left diabetes in the dust. (Diabetes isn't only threatening those who are overweight. See how it's affecting a new group of people, in Young, Slim, and Diabetic.)

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Ben Carstens
2/11 Courtesy of Ben Carstens
He was floored by his diabetes diagnosis

A lifetime of careless eating habits and lack of activity took its toll on Ben Carsten's waistline--and his health. In 2010 he stepped on a scale and was shocked to see that his weight topped 400 pounds. Around the same time he was diagnosed with diabetes. "It opened my eyes," he says.

Young, Slim, and Diabetic

Ben Carstens
3/11 Ben Carstens after
Now he’s 160 pounds lighter

Ben's diabetes diagnosis moved him to act. He cleaned up his eating and started exercising. Today he's down from a size 50 pants to a 36 and weighs 255 pounds.

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Zack Sailer
4/11 Zack Sailer before
At 22, he was at risk for type 2 diabetes

By the time Zack Sailer reached his junior year of college, he'd reached 312 pounds, the result of years of overeating. Then, during a routine doctor's visit, he found out his cholesterol was high, and he showed symptoms of type 2 diabetes. "I decided to plant my feet in the ground and halt the damage," he says.

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Zack Sailer after
5/11 Courtesy of Zack Sailer
Now he wants to be a nutritionist

After slimming down to 205 pounds, Zack found his calling, and decided to become a clinical nutritionist and personal trainer. In fact, he's already helped his mom and stepfather lose weight.

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Alicia Murphy before
6/11 Courtesy of Alicia Murphy
Her family history of diabetes scared her

Up until Alicia Murphy was 21 years old, she led an active life, participating in dance and cheerleading. Then, as a result of two pregnancies, a back injury, and a bad divorce, she ballooned to nearly 300 pounds. In addition to being alarmed by the number on the scale, Alicia worried she might follow in the footsteps of family members suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. All of Alicia's great aunts had diabetes; her grandmother is the only one who is still alive.

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Alicia Murphy after
7/11 Courtesy of Alicia Murphy
Now she’s training to be a Spin instructor

Clocking in under 200 pounds, Alicia's back to an active lifestyle. She hits the gym regularly, plans to run a 5-K, and is working on becoming a certified Spin instructor.

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Scott Morrison before
8/11 Courtesy of Scott Morrison
He was on the brink of a diabetic coma

After college, Scott Morrison, 24, would routinely binge on wings and pizza, eventually topping out at 320 pounds. Soon, he realized his health was deteriorating and went to the doctor, only to discover he was on the verge of a diabetic coma. "That was pretty much the start of what I call Scott 2.0," he says.

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Scott Morrison after
9/11 Courtesy of Scott Morrison
Now he no longer has diabetes

Scott ditched 115 pounds and became an avid runner and devoted gym rat following his diagnosis. As a result he has a clean bill of health--no more diabetes--and feels better than he has in his entire life.

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She found out she was pre-diabetic at age 23

Misty Gauthier's reliance on takeout and family history of diabetes caught up to her at a young age. By 23, she tipped the scales at 236 pounds and was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. "I didn't want to have to take pills or give myself a shot every day for the rest of my life," she says. "It scared me and made me kind of mad at myself."

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Misty Gauthier
11/11 Courtesy of Misty Gauthier
Now she has more energy than ever

Misty shed 90 pounds and turned around her health. She weighs less than 150 pounds for the first time in her adult life.

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