These Moms Lost Big Weight!

After entering motherhood, 7 women decided to reclaim their bodies and get healthy for their children—and themselves

April 29, 2011
women who lost weight
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Just Call Her Superwoman

Squeezing in a workout between the carpool, laundry, and cooking may pose a challenge to even the best multitasking mother. But it's important to make your health a priority, especially if you have little ones looking up to you. All you need is the desire to get in shape, which is exactly what drove these women to drop some serious pounds. Meet seven mothers--ages 30 to 73--who prove that weight loss can be achieved at any age.

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Tami Shumate before and after weight loss
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She and Her Son Lost Weight Together

Tami Shumate, 41, didn't need celebrity trainers to help her lose weight--she had her son, Jake. They joined the gym where he would jog beside her on the treadmill and act as a spotter for her in the weight room. Now, she's 187 pounds lighter! (Get the only exercise book you'll ever need.)

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Claire FitzGerald before and after weight loss
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She Lost Weight at 73!

Claire FitzGerald, 73, is proof that it's never too late to lose weight. She found an online community and started logging her food and exercise each day. Now that she's lost 27 pounds, she can't wait to show off her new figure in a beautiful--vintage--dress for her son's wedding. (Want to look your best for the next special occasion? Try this plan that will help you walk off the weight.)

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Mary Vesely before and after weight loss
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She Taught Her Mom Pilates

Mary Vesely was never athletic growing up, but in her late 30s, she became addicted to reformer Pilates and shed 36 pounds. These days she teaches classes, motivating women in her community to get healthy at any age. Her biggest fan? Her 63-year-old mother who wanted to do something active for herself. (Search: Find the best Pilates moves to tone your figure.)

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Stefanie Weber before and after weight loss
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She Wanted to Be a Healthy Influence for Her Kids

Stefanie Weber, 35, had always dreamed of being a mother, but fertility medication caused her to gain weight. After she gave birth to her 6-year-old son, she couldn't shake off the pounds. Then a newfound love for running helped her drop 60 pounds and gain the self-confidence she'd been lacking. (Get comfortable in your skin--look better naked with this eating and exercise program.)

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Melissa Johnson before and after losing weight
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She Was Tired of Being the “Fat Mom”

Melissa Johnson, a mother of four sons, packed on more pounds with every pregnancy. Once all her boys were in school, she decided to get healthy. She dropped 120 pounds thanks to her trusty food log and a running schedule.

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Jill Guidi before and after weight loss
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She Wanted to Be an Active Mom

Keeping up with 7-year-old twin daughters and a 4-year-old son is no easy task. That's why Jill Guidi, 45, starting working out with a trainer. Now that's she lost 25 pounds, she has more energy to keep up with her kids. (Got your hands full at home? Try this living room workout.)

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Jennie Nickel before and after weight loss
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She Ditched the Baby Weight

Jennie Nickel, 30, gained more than 70 pounds when she was pregnant in 2005. Then she turned to fitness DVDs and running to get in shape. Since then, she's completed three triathlons and lost 68 pounds. (Sculpt sexy abs with these DVDs.)

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