We Lost Over 100 Pounds!

Determination and hard work helped these six people achieve amazing results

February 21, 2013
weight loss success
1/13 Courtesy of Randy Jeffreys, Sara Barnard, Garrett Miller

Forget losing 10 pounds--this group of six each dropped more than 100 pounds through smart eating and exercise. What's more, they've conquered previously unthinkable goals, such as overcoming type 2 diabetes and finishing half-marathons. (Search: Half-marathon training tips) Find out how a newlywed dropped weight in time for her wedding, how a mother finally won a 30-year battle with her weight, and how one man went from heavyweight to hockey player.

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Jodi Adkisson
2/13 Courtesy of Jodi Adkisson
Grief made her gain

Jodi Adkisson, 43, put on 95 pounds while dealing with her husband's death and the major financial setbacks that followed, including the loss of the couple's home and cars. (Are You an Emotional Eater?) When her father was diagnosed with leukemia in May 2012, Jodi decided it was time to take charge of her life and health.

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weight loss success
3/13 Courtesy of Jodi Adkisson
Now she's jumping for joy

Thanks to Skyrobics, a trampoline-based group exercise class that incorporates cardio, circuit training, core exercises, strength training, and calisthenics, Jodi has dropped 113 pounds. (Shed pounds and shape your best body ever with this free two-week plan: Look Better Naked!) Today, she weighs 132 pounds and loves being able to model a healthy lifestyle for her children and others.

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weight loss success
4/13 Courtesy of Sara Barnard
Plus-size pants were too small

When Sara Barnard, 29, couldn't slip on a pair of 26 pants in the dressing room of a plus-size store, she hit the brakes on her sedentary lifestyle and high-calorie social calendar. "Diabetes runs in my family, and I didn't want to go down that path," she says.

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weight loss success
5/13 Courtesy of Sara Barnard
Now this newlywed is 108 pounds lighter

Sara trimmed portions, got moving, and replaced the junk in her diet with nutritious, satisfying foods. By the time her wedding day arrived, she needed to have her size 14 wedding dress taken in. (Video: 5 moves for a bikini-ready body) At 108 pounds lost and counting, Sara says the biggest reward is "feeling better in my own skin."

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weight loss success
6/13 Courtesy of Lisa Taylor
She struggled with her weight for three decades

Lisa Taylor, 50, turned to food during motherhood, divorce, remarriage, and the birth of her grandchildren. A self-described "carb-oholic," her weight loss attempts were unsuccessful and eventually the scale peaked at 260 pounds. When she noticed her daughter starting to struggle with weight, she finally felt determined to break the cycle.

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weight loss success
7/13 Courtesy of Lisa Taylor
Now she competes in half-marathons

With the help of Slimming World's Food Optimising plan, Lisa won the victory over her unhealthy eating habits and dropped 111 pounds. Now, Lisa wrangles friends and family to compete in races with her. "It's never too late to reinvent yourself," she says. "I'm 50 years old and I feel like I'm just getting started."

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weight loss success
8/13 Courtesy of Randy Jeffreys
He used to eat almost 5,000 calories a day in fast food

A consistent diet of fast food and soda led Randy Jeffreys, 34, to reach 320 pounds. One day he went to urgent care for problems with his foot and was quickly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The next day, he decided to take charge of his health.

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weight loss success
9/13 Courtesy of Randy Jeffreys
Now he runs half marathons and is diabetes-free

Randy dramatically changed his diet, cut out soda, and dropped 134 pounds. He joined a running group, and completed a half-marathon. He also shocked his doctors by reversing his diabetes four months after the diagnosis.

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weight loss success
10/13 Courtesy of Garrett Miller
He used to eat gummy bears for breakfast

A high school athlete, Garrett Miller, 30, let himself go after graduation. His sweet tooth and fast food habit pushed the scale to 332 pounds. Once his weight started affecting his ability to spend time with his kids, he accepted that he needed to change.

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weight loss success
11/13 Courtesy of Garrett Miller
Now he’s in better shape than he was in high school

After a decade of inactivity, Garrett started running and playing hockey again, and ultimately dropped 128 pounds. He now has a renewed passion for exercise and staying active, and has the energy to play outdoors with his kids.

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weight loss success
12/13 Courtesy of Beth Lichtenfels
She used to drink 3 liters of Mountain Dew a day

With no physical activity and a compulsion for fast food, Beth Lichtenfels, 33, soared to 405 pounds. After going into a diabetic coma, Beth reevaluated her eating habits. Then, an embarrassing moment at an amusement park pushed her to take responsibility for her health.

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weight loss success
13/13 Courtesy of Beth Lichtenfels
Now, she’s 245 pounds lighter

Over the course of four years, Beth lost 245 pounds. She now looks to cardio and yoga as a stress reliever, and is happier than she's ever been. "I feel like I got 10 years of my life back," she says.

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