The Shocking Truth Behind Before-and-After Weight Loss Ads

You’ve seen them before: Photographs of men and women who have miraculously dropped 50, 75, or 100+ pounds with the help of supplements, teas, and other weight loss aids. The truth behind the drastic photos, though, may make you think again before clicking “Buy Now!”

March 6, 2014
Before and after weight loss

If something seems too good to be true, then chances are it is. Especially when it comes to miracle weight loss supplements that promise results in record time (check out the truth about weight loss supplements). You’ve seen the commercials, right? The ones that bombard you with a pill or tea that will blast fat and increase muscle definition in just two weeks? They’ve even got the dramatic before-and-after photos to prove it!

But, according to Jeff Rossen and Robert Powell of Today, when it comes to these photos, what you see is not what you get. Today spoke with Brook Shadwell, a California mother of two who was falsely associated with a weight-loss tea advertisement. Shadwell (who worked hard to lose weight on her own accord) posted before-and-after photos on her personal blog, only to find that the tea company used her photos and a fake quote about the benefits of the tea in their ad.


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After some investigating, Today found other weight loss supplement companies that have used Shadwell’s photos without her permission. But it gets worse: The team also uncovered ways in which before-and-after photos are doctored up to look real. How so? Photoshop, or through other industry tricks like overhead lighting to make muscles appear more defined.

Moral of the story: Take those tempting, quick-fix ads with a grain of salt. The fraudulent before-and-after photos are just a reminder that real results don’t happen overnight, and there’s no magic potion for instant weight loss. A healthy lifestyle, filled with a balanced diet and regular exercise, is the key to safely dropping pounds that won’t come back around as quickly as they left!

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