'The Biggest Loser' Winner Reveals Her Over-The-Top Workout Routine

February 12, 2014
The Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson

Rachel Frederickson made headlines last week after winning The Biggest Loser by dropping 60 percent of her bodyweight and a whopping 155 pounds. Her weight loss (and more noticeably, her drastic skinny appearance) sparked a conversation across the country and a firestorm on social media: Had the now 105-pound Biggest Loser champ gone too far? 

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After initially defending her extreme weight loss and telling Us Weekly that her plan was to "continue on a [natural] path, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy her new life," it seems that the massive amounts of criticism have finally struck a chord with Frederickson. In a new interview about her outstanding weight loss, Frederickson tells People that she may have been "a little too enthusiastic in [her] training to get to the finale." She also spills that she worked out 6 hours a day in the three months before the finale, while maintaining a 1,600-calorie daily diet. When asked if she had an eating disorder, Frederickson replied, "I am very, very healthy."

Her trainer, Dolvett Quince, even admitted that he was "shocked" by her appearance, saying that the first thing that went through his mind after seeing her major reveal was "that's just too much." 

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No matter how "healthy" Frederickson is, there's no arguing that drastic, rapid weight loss isn't a smart idea (check out these 21 safe tips to lose weight). 

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