Little-Known Tips For Losing Weight & Keeping It Off

Don't let all your hard work go to waste. 

August 10, 2015

The feeling is all too real: You've achieved (or are mere steps away from reaching) your weight loss goal, and then you hit that dreaded plateau. The routine no longer excites you and the risk for cheating on the diet is higher than ever. Backsliding is real. But don't let it stay. 

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Ensure that you'll stick with your strategy with these 5 strategies to prevent backsliding, from the women who completed the Tighten Your Tummy in 2 Weeks weight loss program: 

1. Beat diet boredom! 
By the end of the program, Melissa Jones expressed that eating the same foods day in and day out was making her less interested in sticking with the diet. She made a few small tweaks before it was too late. When a bagel and cream cheese starts to feel stale, try a muffin with the same number of calories. The day your baby carrots and hummus don’t cut it, try ants on a log instead. The subtle changes will be just enough to revive your taste buds without stifling your progress.

2. Set a short-term goal. 
While you're working toward a long-term weight-loss goal, it's important to set smaller, achievable benchmarks to keep you motivated and boost your confidence along the way, says Lynn James. Weekly weigh-ins will keep you on track to see how your weight progress is going, but snapping pictures will help you see how the program tones your physique. "Before-and-after pictures will definitely keep you on your toes," says Lynn. When you set a short-term goal, make it realistic but tough enough that you have to fully focus on the program to achieve it. "If you look at the program as 'Oh, it's only 2 weeks,' it really puts things in perspective," says Lynn. "It's such a short time, it really pushes you to say 'I can do it!' and actually do it."

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3. Look ahead. 
Don't dwell on an error; just start back the next day, says Nellie. "It does not have to be all or nothing." Learn from the misstep and move on. The less time you spend worrying about a bump in the road, the more time you have to pave over mistakes and move forward even faster than before.

4. Raid your closet. 
Ready to keep weight off for good? Clean out your pantry—and your closets, say the panelists. Laura lost her weight by clearing tempting foods from her fridge and kitchen cabinets. "Get rid of them, or at least keep them out of your sight and reach," says Laura. Katie gave away her old clothes and revamped her wardrobe with slimmer-fitting clothing as incentive to maintain her weight loss.

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5. Phone a friend.
Recruit a partner to take on the program with you, or use this diet as an incentive to make new friends walking or at the gym. Developing relationships with fellow dieters will keep you en route to success and help you maintain your weight after you've met your goal. "Share phone numbers and e-mails with them so that if you are struggling, they can help you get through your problems," says Brianna Kramer. "Chances are, they are probably going through the same issues, and it's a lot easier to keep going when you know you're not alone."

Adapted from Tighten Your Tummy in 2 Weeks