Jessica Simpson Reveals Her Secret to Easier Weight Loss (VIDEO)

The Weight Watchers spokeswoman didn't drop the baby weight without a little help along the way. Now, in a new commercial for the popular weight loss program, she's dishing her biggest get-skinny secret.

March 6, 2014
Jessica Simpson

Guys. GUYS! Have you seen Jessica Simpson lately? Momma (of two!) looks good. Like, really good. Like, almost as good -- if not better -- than her "chicken of the sea" comment days. Jessica, who recently dropped 50 pounds after giving birth to son Ace, is shining in her latest commercial for Weight Watchers. Wearing a gorgeous, sleeveless form-fitting white dress, the singer dishes on one of her favorite parts of the Weight Watchers program: the weekly meetings. Standard to Weight Watchers, these meetings enabling dieters to get together and talk about their struggles and weight loss.

"It's so much better to have some backup," Simpson says. "And do it together because we all face similar challenges."


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I'll be honest: I'd be super interested to see A. Jess walk into an ACTUAL Weight Watchers retail location and B. How she interacts in a meeting environment (is she a talker? Does she take notes?). However, Jessica has a great point: Working out, getting healthy, and losing weight is much easier when you have the help of others.

In fact, a study in the Lancet Medical Journal revealed that people who attend support groups lose more weight than those who go it alone. Not exactly surprising, considering how hard it can be to cut calories and stay motivated day-in and day-out. Comraderie can improve feelings of wellbeing and self-worth, as well encourage people to work out more regularly.  

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Whether or not Weight Watchers is your program of choice, now you have an extra reason to hit the gym with a friend. Make a date out of it by tacking on a mid-afternoon shopping trip to your workout sesh or schedule in a coffee date afterward.

Watch Jessica Simpson's new Weight Watchers commercial, here:

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