5 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated on Your Diet

Do these simple tasks everyday to stay on track.

January 5, 2018
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Adapted from Chael Sonnen’s book The Four-Pack Revolution.

Staying motivated during your weight-loss journey can sometimes be difficult. Chances are you’re making some silly mistakes, like adding extra sugar in your coffee or drinking excess calories when water would do. If you feel like you are stuck or lack motivation to keep going, try tackling some or all of these things everyday. Each little opportunity you find will build momentum and anchor a new habit

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Pay attention to calories.

For the next few days, look at the calorie count and grams of sugar of everything you drink. Drink whatever you’d like, just be aware of what’s in the bottle.

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Keep moving.

Are you ignoring opportunities to be active? Ten pushups and a walk around the block after dinner take very little effort. Could you be stretching on the floor while watching TV at night instead of lying on the couch? Becoming more active has a powerful impact on how you feel throughout the day and night. 

Take my daily exercise challenge:

  • Do 10, 50, 10, 250, 500, or 1,000 pushups in a day

  • Do 100 air squats after each meal

  • Do lunges between two street light poles

  • Do planks for 30 seconds or for 1 to 5 minutes

  • Do 100 jumping jacks

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Turn off any screens an hour before bed. Televisions, computers, and phone screens are stimulating and counterproductive to falling and staying asleep. So turn them off and read a book.

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Try to be a morning person.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual. Set your alarm, and stick to it. You’ll find it getting up earlier will get easier.

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Stay hydrated.

Buy a new water bottle and carry it throughout the day. Having a water bottle with you will help you drink more water. 

Find more weight-loss tips in Chael Sonnen’s book The Four-Pack Revolution.

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