Biggest Loser Before and After Photos!

See how a season of no excuses led to weight loss success!

May 1, 2012
Winners at Weight Loss

They came to the ranch with every excuse in the book, from "I don't have time to exercise" to "I don't know how to prepare healthy food." As trainer Dolvett Quince reminded them, they had entered a "no excuse" zone. Months later, take a look at how that all turned out!

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2/18 Courtesy of NBC
Jeremy Britt—The $250,000 Grand Prize Winner!

Before: 389 pounds
After: 190 pounds
Loss: 199 pounds
Percentage Loss: 51.16%

Eliminated Week 16 when he fell below the dreaded red line, Jeremy lost a guaranteed spot as a finalist with Kim Nielsen and his sister Conda Britt. But boy, did he regroup. The following week Jeremy competed with all former eliminated contestants back at the ranch to win the third and final spot.

Weight loss tip from Jeremy: Keep your focus (and follow these tips to get your motivation back!). Make losing weight your number one priority. Treat it like a job.

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Biggest Loser Kim
3/18 Courtesy
Kim Nielsen—1st Runner-up

Before: 252 pounds
After: 134 pounds
Loss: 118 pounds
Percentage Loss: 46.83%

This former pro wrestler had proven before the ranch that she could stay the course. In her past career, she finished out a match with a broken back. Her nerves of steel kicked in at the ranch, and she also learned to open up a bit more to her teammates and trainers, garnering their emotional support.

Weight loss tip from Kim: Be a competitor, a fighter. Two words I did not allow in my vocabulary the whole time I was on the ranch: "give up."

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4/18 Courtesy
Conda Britt—2nd Runner-up

Before: 294 pounds
After: 179 pounds
Loss: 115 pounds
Percentage Loss: 39.12%

This single mom began her ranch journey saying "no" -- a lot. In fact, "you're pissing me off" was one line she fed to her unappreciative trainer, Dolvett Quince. But a major attitude shift took place during her 17 weeks on the ranch, and it showed. She became one of three finalists.

Weight loss tip from Conda: Commit to making a change -- the attitude will follow!

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips From the Biggest Loser Club

5/18 Courtesy
Mike Messina—At-Home $100,000 Winner!

Before: 358 pounds
After: 198 pounds
Loss: 160 pounds
Percentage Loss: 44.69%

Mike was eliminated Week 2 but kept up the work he began on the ranch, especially so he could be a good example of healthy habits to his young daughter. Today they eat healthy together, busily sautéing up favorites such as bok choy and red cabbage!

Weight loss tip from Mike: Learn to express anger in a positive way. I used to turn to food to deal with my anger, and I was this unhappy, angry, overweight person. But now I take boxing lessons. Every time I hit the bag, it's like shouting to the world, "I'm doing this!"

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Emily Joy

Before: 264 pounds
After: 162 pounds
Loss: 102 pounds
Percentage Loss: 38.64%

Who knew? She came to The Biggest Loser ranch a former champion weight lifter, and we found out later she has always wanted to sing opera. And guess what? She can! She really can! So after the finale, she's pursuing her dream.

Weight loss tip from Emily: Food journaling is a must. (Start your own food journal!) Otherwise you're not going to be as mindful about what you eat.

Cassandra Sturos

Before: 239 pounds
After: 147 pounds
Loss: 92 pounds
Percentage Loss: 38.49%

Cassandra had a history of being a mean girl--to herself. What she found out is that if you're going to lose weight, it all starts with a little tenderness toward oneself. She took home an accumulation of affection from her teammates and her trainers and is ready to move to New York to be a writer.

Weight loss tip from Cassandra: Read a daily affirmation--poetry or inspirational quotes. I do that to be kind to myself on a daily basis.

Lauren Lee

Before: 246 pounds
After: 157 pounds
Loss: 89 pounds
Percentage Loss: 36.18%

Eliminated Week 3 at the ranch, Lauren had expected to survive the game longer. But she benched her disappointment when she got home and started running. "I haven't stopped since," she says. Lauren, an accomplished athlete in high school and college, has set her sights on running a marathon some day.

Weight loss tip from Lauren: When it comes to working out, you just have to get up and do it. You have to make time for yourself and get to the gym or put on those sneakers and walk or run, if you can.

Ben Shuh

Before: 396 pounds
After: 257 pounds
Loss: 139 pounds
Percentage Loss: 35.10%

Homesick for his family, Ben offered himself up for elimination Week 1 and his teammates honored his wishes. As the father of 10, once he got home he took the responsibility to get and stay healthy seriously. "It really hit me at the ranch that I could die if I didn't make changes," he says.

Weight loss tip from Ben: Don't watch so much TV at night so you can get up earlier the next day and work out. Planning is everything.

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10/18 Courtesy
Daphne Dortch

Before: 271 pounds
After: 183 pounds
Loss: 88 pounds
Percentage  Loss: 32.47%

When her time came during Week 8, Daphne wasn't scared to go home. Been there, done that. She and her brother Adrian were eliminated Week 1 in a surprise challenge with the caveat that they could earn places back on the ranch if they lost a collective 50 pounds in a month. They lost 60! So Daphne headed back confident she could continue her weight loss journey, which she has.

Weight loss tip from Daphne: Give yourself one treat day a week. On that day I give myself an extra 500 calories, then go right back on the plan the next day.

Kimmy Stone

Before: 219 pounds
After: 148 pounds
Loss: 71 pounds
Percentage Loss: 32.42%

When Kimmy left her beloved husband and farm for the ranch, she kickstarted more than her own journey. Her husband lost 45 pounds as well! "We've been together 27 years," she says. "He's the other half of my soul. I want us to be around for each other a long, long time."

Weight loss tip from Kimmy: We live a long way from town so when we go to do errands, we load up a cooler with healthy snacks and put it in the car. That way we don't stop for a burger in a weak moment.

12/18 Courtesy
Chris Pickler

Before: 240 pounds
After: 163 pounds
Loss: 77 pounds
Percentage Loss: 32.08%

In Week 15, Biggest Loser viewers watched Chris deal with some painful family issues the old way--by bingeing. After the binge, she admitted she felt numb for days. The binge cost her a place on the ranch, but at home she was determined not to keep swallowing her emotions. "I'm speaking up more for myself; I'm not such a wallflower. I think I'm kind of hard to live with right now," she laughs.

Weight loss tip from Chris: Figure out what works for you and leave the rest. If I read a critical comment about me on my Facebook page--I delete it! Then I move on. I don't have to stare at that negativity every day.

Megan Stone

Before: 259 pounds
After: 183 pounds
Loss: 76 pounds
Percentage Loss: 29.34%

Megan used her love of horseback riding to keep her weight loss on track. She's a competitive barrel racer and when her weight made it hard to even get on her horse, she gave it up. "I missed my horses," she said. "I missed competing, and I really wanted to get back to that."

Weight loss tip from Megan: Before The Biggest Loser I was afraid to try new things because I was afraid of failure. Now I take something new and run with it. And because of that, I'm back in the saddle! Don't let fear rule your life.

14/18 Courtesy
Adrian Dortch

Before: 370 pounds
After: 262 pounds
Loss: 108 pounds
Percentage Loss: 29.19%

One of Adrian's passions in life, in addition to his family, is his involvement in a non-profit group for teens. Now he's a better example for them than ever, bringing healthy snacks to gatherings so kids in his community can learn the basics of good nutrition. And his example goes beyond eating right. "There's a glow about me that I know hasn't been there," he says. "I feel I'm honestly mastering my life," he says.

Weight loss tip from Adrian: When using cooking spray, don't spritz for too long--under 7 seconds. Otherwise you're adding more calories.

15/18 Courtesy
Roy Pickler

Before: 306 pounds
After: 218 pounds
Loss: 88 pounds
Percentage Loss: 28.76%

When Biggest Loser Club talked to Season 13 contestant Roy Pickler his first day on the ranch, we suggested that for this volunteer Santa Claus, losing his paunch could be a career-ending move. Nope, he said. He wanted Santa to set a better example.

"The world is going to have to change their perception of what Santa looks like," he says. "Santa is a role model, and kids don't want to have a role model who's fat and can't do things. I intend to be Santa until the day I die, but I'm going to be a healthy Santa."

Weight loss tip from Roy: I love steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast! People should go out and look for it at the grocery. It's more nutritious than the quick-cooking kind and not as many calories.

Chism Cornelison

Before: 361 pounds
After: 258 pounds
Loss: 103 pounds
Percentage Loss: 28.53%

Week 9 showed one of the most gut-wrenching eliminations ever as father Mark Cornelison watched his son Chism head home. Mark tried to sacrifice himself for his son, but Chism showed how much he had grown by insisting that his father stay at the ranch. "I wanted to show everyone what I could accomplish at home," he says.

Weight loss tip from Chism: I listen to upbeat music whenever I walk or run or any sort of cardio. I put that on and try to stay with the pace. That for me has been a lifesaver. I can go three times longer when I have good music on.

Gail Lee

Before: 322 pounds
After: 235 pounds
Loss: 87 pounds
Percentage Loss: 27.02%

When Gail Lee returned home Week 4, she tried walking for hours with friends, but then learned she had some serious tendonitis in her hip. Undeterred, she took to the pool. "I had to make adjustments and do things differently," she says. "But I'm so proud that I didn't quit. I found a way to keep at it!"

Weight loss tip from Gail: For an extra protein punch, make an omelet with several egg whites and just one whole egg.

18/18 Courtesy
Nancy Rajala

Before: 217 pounds
After: 161 pounds
Loss: 56 pounds
Percentage Loss: 25.81%

Who can forget the image of 63-year-old Nancy Rajala on the treadmill and rapping for trainer Dolvett Quince at the same time? He was impressed--and that's not easy. This mother of 13 and grandmother of 50-something says she has learned to enjoy exercising and eating right.

Weight loss tip from Nancy: Food doesn't have to be full of fat and salt to taste good. In fact, the more fresh foods you eat, the more you begin to appreciate fresh herbs and spices.