She Dropped 111 Pounds for Her Daughter

Lisa Taylor broke her family’s cycle of weight struggles by cleaning up her diet

February 21, 2013
Lisa Taylor
Courtesy of Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor

Before: 260
After: 149
Height: 5’ 0”
Age: 50

Lisa Taylor, a longtime retail operations analyst and buyer from Flower Mound, TX, began struggling with her weight more than 30 years ago during her first pregnancy. (Search: Weight Loss After Pregnancy) Her problems continued through her divorce, remarriage, and the birth of her grandchildren. “I used food as a crutch,” Lisa remembers. “I had horrible self-esteem. I felt very unlovable, very unattractive.” At her heaviest, Lisa weighed 260 pounds. She tried to battle the excess baggage with weight loss programs, pills, shakes, and diets, but had only limited success.


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The Turning Point
When Lisa’s daughter began to struggle with her own post-pregnancy weight in 2008, Lisa resolved to break her family’s legacy of weight issues. “I looked at my granddaughter and I thought, ‘If I’m going to break this cycle I’m going to have to do something,’” Lisa says.

The Lifestyle
Lisa credits her victory over unhealthy eating to the Food Optimising eating plan from Slimming World, a UK-based weight loss company that supplements its eating plan with comprehensive weight loss support for members. Slimming World’s plan invites users to eat “free” foods like pasta, potatoes, eggs, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables until they’re satisfied, but limits indulgences like sweets and alcohol. (7 Healthy Foods as Sweet As Candy) “I really liked that the plan included pasta, rice, and potatoes,” Lisa says. “As a carb-oholic, it caught my attention.” On the plan, Lisa filled up on Slimming World’s “free foods,” monitored her bread and dairy consumption, and cut down on unhealthy snacks like chips and candy. Still, if she wanted a piece of cake, she’d have some. 

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Over the course of a year, Lisa lost nearly 50 pounds by changing her eating habits alone. This success motivated her to rev up her weight loss even more by going for morning walks. Eventually, she registered for a half-marathon, which she walked with her husband and daughter in 2012. Lisa, who now weighs 149 pounds, has stayed active by walking, working out to fitness DVDs, practicing yoga, and taking part in races with friends and family. (Video: Form and Technique—Fitbie Half-Marathon Training Series) “I only compete with myself,” Lisa says. “I’m working on increasing my stamina and decreasing my time. I just want to get better and better.”

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The Reward
After losing weight, Lisa became a group consultant at Slimming World. Her husband, who started the program after seeing her success, has shed 30 pounds, and her daughter recently dropped 12 pounds in her first month on the eating plan. “My goal was to inspire my daughter to live a healthy lifestyle, and it’s finally coming to fruition,” Lisa says. “I pray her children will never have to battle with weight the way she and I did.”

Lisa’s Advice
You’re never too old. “It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. I’m 50 years old and I feel like I’m just getting started,” Lisa says. “If I can do this, anybody can do this.”
Start now. “There’s no time like the present to start that reinvention,” Lisa says.

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