She Walked Away 210 Pounds

Sissy Lusk went from 345 pounds to 135 pounds and has kept it off for 11 years

March 28, 2013
Sissy Lusk
Courtesy of Sissy Lusk
Sissy Lusk

Before: 345 pounds
After: 135 pounds
Time at Current Weight: 11 years
Age: 47
Height: 5’ 2”


Heavy all her life, Sissy Lusk packed on even more pounds after she got married at age 25. “I wore a size 18 wedding gown and thought I was fine,” says Sissy, a Canton, GA resident. (Search: Wedding workout) “But once we got married, I got comfortable and relaxed and started putting on one more pound at a time.” She tried almost every diet on the market, but nothing helped. “I was always looking for a fast fix and that was never long-lasting,” she explains. Eventually her fast food diet and sedentary lifestyle pushed the scale to 345 pounds.

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The Turning Point
In 1999, Sissy was waiting in line to pay for gas when a 5-year-old boy behind her asked why she was so fat. “I smiled and hoped no one heard him, but his mother started reprimanding him and said he needed to apologize,” she says. “Everyone was watching. After he said sorry I ran to my car and cried my eyes out,” she remembers. Realizing she couldn’t live like that anymore, Sissy called Weight Watchers from her car and went to her first meeting that night.

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The Eating Habits
Sissy traded fast food for lean proteins, salads, and fresh fruits and vegetables, and worked on portion control. She started making healthy recipes that her daughter picked out for the family. “Now I make spaghetti with ground turkey instead of beef, and for my plate I’ll add some spaghetti squash and vegetables,” she says. 

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The Fitness Routine
Sissy pedaled on a stationary bike while watching soap operas. After losing a few pounds, she began walking around her neighborhood. “There was a 5-mile loop in my area, and I would walk as far as I could,” she says. “Every week I would add one more mailbox and before I knew it, I looped the whole neighborhood.” After three yeas of walking and biking, she had lost 215 pounds. Today, Sissy continues to walk, averaging 45 minutes a day, five days a week.

The Reward
“I feel good about myself and I have energy,” says Sissy. “I have a grandson now, and I’m able to run and play with him. I’m living my life now.”

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Learn to forgive yourself. “You’re going to mess up, and you need to forgive yourself and move on,” she says. “Don’t beat yourself up because when you’re upset you’ll turn to food.” 

Be Prepared. “Don’t expect to have a house full of Girl Scout cookies and manage to eat a healthy egg white omelet,” she says. “You can’t eat what you don’t have, that goes for both healthy and unhealthy foods.”

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