3 Foods Celeb Trainers Won’t Touch…

September 13, 2013
Health news: glass of soda pic

…plus more of the latest and greatest health headlines that had us talking this week.

What foods won’t Jessica Biel’s trainer toss into her grocery cart? Hint: You probably eat at least one daily. [FitSugar]


A good workout is tough enough—you don’t need your ponytail slowing you down. The official hairstylist of the US Open shares three ‘dos that’ll stay put through even your sweatiest sessions. [Women’s Health]

Ever wondered how Zack Morris would navigate 21st-century scenarios involving Facebook scams, Cross Fit, and gluten-free pizza? Watch as Mark-Paul Gosselaar channels his Saved By The Bell character to clear things up. [MadeMan]

Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day, after all. America’s leading health scientists weigh in. [New York Times]

Learn how to make bananas last longer, open a stubborn jar, easily remove eggshells from your batter, and more. Here are 73 ways to maximize your kitchen time. [Greatist]

Research shows that kidney stone rates have nearly doubled in the past 20 years. These surprising lifestyle factors may be to blame. [Rodale News]