16 Trendy Diets & What They Should Actually Be Called

Because let's face it, not eating whatever you want sucks.

May 22, 2014

1. Gluten-Free: The "If This Doesn't Make Me Feel Better in a Week, I'm Booking It to Domino's" Diet


2. Dukan: The "I'll Attack You If You Offer Me a Cookie During the 'Attack Phase'" Diet

3. Vegetarian: The "I Can Still Have Eggs and Cheese, Right?" Diet

4. Vegan: The "Cashews Are NOT Cheese" Diet

5. Mediterranean: The "This Isn't So Bad, But I Really Want Cake" Diet

6. Paleo: The "Are Chips and Guac Paleo?" Diet (They're not.)

7. Sugar-free: The "Is It Really THAT Bad for You?" Diet (It is.)

8. Weight Watchers: The "If I Don't Eat Anything Else Today, I Can Have a Pint Of Karamel Sutra Tonight" Diet

9. Jenny Craig: The "I Can't Afford to Buy New Jeans to Fit My New Butt" Diet

10. Raw Food: The "Demi Moore Is a Masochist" Diet

11. Intuitive Eating: The "You're SURE I Won't End Up Eating Double Stufs by The Fistful? Have You Met Me?" Diet

12. Carb Cycling: The "But I Want Carbs EVERY Day" Diet

13. Intermittent Fasting: The "Hangry? Try HungRAGED!" Diet

14. Grain-Free: The "Fantasize About a Boring Bowl Of Oatmeal" Diet

15. 5 Mini Meals: The "I Have More Tupperware Containers Than Kate Gosselin" Diet

16. Atkins: The "Can I Have That Without the Bun Please?" Diet

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