fuel efficiency

USDA Approves Yet Another GMO Crop…This One for Your Car
In a double whammy, the biotech-friendly agency has approved a GMO crop to produce inefficient fuels that will probably contaminate our food supply, too.
[UPDATE] Better Mileage, Less Pollution: New Car Stickers Will Tell All
Proposed new fuel economy labels aim to make it easier for you to understand a vehicle's gas mileage when car shopping. Tell the EPA which version you like!
Corn Fuel: Unhealthy for People, Unhealthy for Vehicles
A proposed increase in the amount of corn ethanol in gasoline could gum up your vehicles—and worsen pollution in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Summer isn't here yet, and already gas prices are creeping higher. Here are some simple ways to save at the pump.
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What's the best way to get your presents home for Christmas without delivering added greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere?
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If you're buying a new car, or even if you're not, you can make choices that translate to more miles per gallon.
5 Ways to Save Gas Today
Today is World Carfree Day, but you can find ways to get around without a car any day—and save a little gas money doing it.
Popular "Cash for Clunkers" Program Running Out of Gas…Fast
If you’re hoping to get money for a more fuel-efficient car through the government’s Cash for Clunkers program, you’d better get to a participating dealership…ASAP.
This or That: Gasoline-Fueled or Hybrid Car?
Hybrids seem like a perfect answer for better mileage and a better environment, but are they really the greenest cars you can buy?
5 Drastic Consequences of Global Warming—and 10 Ways to Stop It
A government report drives home the consequences of global warming, and shows it’s not too late to act.
Keep Your Summer Travel Green and Cheap
Whatever your mode of transport, you can save money and shrink the costs.