A Lesson From the Dead: You Are the Source of Your Own Abundance

To receive more, you have to give more. This is what the Spirits have taught me.

January 20, 2017
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Adapted from What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well

In addition to believing you are worthy and deserving to live a life of abun- dance, spirits encourage the living to give more to receive more. Now, I'm not talking about behaving in a self-sacrificing sort of way (like I have a tendency to do) but to have a general, day-to-day attitude of generosity. This can look like a smile, a kind word, or listening and being present for some- one else. Spirits communicate that we do our best work when we show up in loving service.


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Much of the time, our daily lives are ruled by our own needs and desires. But when we can take a step back from our lives, we discover just how often Spirit puts us in a position to show up in service to someone else. While I do this every day professionally, it always amazes me when it happens outside of my office. What I've discovered is that when I give with no strings attached, someone inevitably extends a hand to me the next time I need one. Spirit reminds me that we receive when and as we should.

Signs from the Other Side: You Are the Source of Your Own Abundance 

As I sat with Amy, I felt the strong presence of a paternal figure, like a father, grandfather, or uncle, and I clairaudiently heard the name "Raymond."

"That's my grandfather," she said.

"I'm also sensing an animal spirit, a cat, with a name like Lizzard?"

"Izzy, my childhood cat!" she exclaimed.

"They are both acting as your guides," I explained, "and they're showing me the movie The Horse Whisperer with Robert Redford. Do you work with horses?"

"That's what I want to do," Amy's eyes widened. "I'm finish- ing up classes to become a vet. Horses are my emphasis."

"Why are these spirits making me feel like you're frustrated? Like you're doubting your path. They're also showing me the number twenty-one. How old are you?"



"Did something significant happen when you were twenty- one? Was that a hard time for you? They're showing me pill bottles, which is usually my sign for an overdose."
Amy looked down into her lap and said quietly, "I attempted suicide."

"Grandpa is saying it wasn't your time to die. Have you con- sidered suicide again lately? He's waving his arms in protest, as if to say stop."

Amy looked at me with sad eyes. "I work so hard, but I'm always struggling financially. I feel taken advantage of a lot, like I'm never fairly compensated for what I do." She looked down again. "Sometimes I do want to give up."

Amy's grandfather impressed me with an image of Amy as a young girl, along with a clear sense of a repeated pattern, like a circle going round and round, and I understood this was a life- long challenge for Amy. She unconsciously projected out into the world that she wasn't valuable and worthy of what she wanted, needed, and deserved—and, as a result, she continued to receive less than she wanted, needed, and deserved.

"This is a pattern you have," I said, "and you can break it now. Your guides are working with you from the Other Side to help you heal your low sense of self-worth and finally be com- pensated for all that you do. This is a soul lesson you came into this life to learn."


"So how do I 'break the pattern'?" Amy asked.

"Izzy and Grandpa are saying the same thing: You're meant to work with animals as it gives you a sense of joy. It's your true calling. Also, the animals' love toward you further validates the value of your work and your sense of worthiness for making a difference in their lives. Why are they showing me the month of September on a calendar?"

"That's when I finish my classes."

"That's it. Once you start doing the work you're meant to do, and so long as you charge what you are worth," I added, "you'll be taken care of financially and you won't feel taken advantage of ever again."