Why You Need a Weekly Oasis in Time

Start with these steps to create a substantial nourishing weekly break that'll help you recharge for the week to come.

December 20, 2016
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Is life a bit of a blur?  Do you feel behind?  Are you tired?

The Western spiritual tradition has the answer for you, a Sabbath. But a Sabbath often comes with a lot of associations that makes it hard to access. So, for now, let's call it an oasis in time, and explore how to create a substantial nourishing weekly break. Adding that rhythm of rest to your week can totally transform your week and it is not as hard as you might think.

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First, what is an oasis in time?  It has five elements that, taken together, will open the way to transformation, starting us down the path that shifts us from the world of action and into the world of rest.

1. Protect and prepare.
Protect your time off and guard it fiercely. Prepare and plan for it. Consider what social time, activities, food, and spiritual connection your oasis time will include. Planning makes all the difference in creating an oasis that is truly restoring.

2. Begin and end.
Name your starting and ending times, and stick to both as best as you can. Oasis time can come to shape your week, and it works best when it is clear and time limited. The rhythm of a regular oasis time gives you essential boundaries that help you focus at work and let go when not at work.

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3. Disconnect to connect.
Put down your digital devices. Experience life without checking for text messages, social media updates, or e-mail. Instead, connect with yourself, with others, and with your sense of what has greater meaning and is life sustaining. 

4. Slow down to savor.
Slowing your movements helps to slow your mind, and vice versa. This is key to savoring the delectable aspects of now, which is all about pleasure, enjoyment, and entering the present moment. Even a painful now can be savored for the innately fulfilling texture of a truly lived life. 

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5. Let go of achieving to rest, reflect, and play.
Release the tension of going after any goal, large or small. When you do this, you let go of worries and expectations. Then you can finally rest well, reflect deeply (alone or with others), and play more freely.

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And, how do you make this oasis time happen? Little by little.

Start with a Saturday or Sunday morning for a couple of hours, or go wild and take the whole morning off. Prepare in advance, get a great book or get out your yoga mat. Find some delicious fruit and set up a yummy healthy breakfast. Unplug your phone and luxuriate in the open morning. Know in advance that unplugging can be a little disconcerting. For some people sadness or anxiety can come up. But stick with it. Real freedom and a delightful sense of serenity can emerge as well. For just a little bit of time you are off the clock and off the hook.  

This kind of regular rest reduces stress, improves your sleep and gets life back in perspective. Find an oasis in time buddy and try it out four weeks in a row. And, when your oasis time is done, jump back into your busy life, refreshed and a little more energized and creative. What could be better?

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