4 Ways You Self-Sabotage Your First Date

You think you're making a great first impression. But if you're guilty of any of these moves, chances are, there will be no second date.

May 19, 2017
bad date
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Adapted from Dateworthy

You already know how to be Dateworthy and deal with two-headed beings. You know what to wear, what makes for great date communication, you know the follow the 10 first date commandments, and that the dialogue and the dynamics between you two have all the makings of the start of a successful love story.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Enter the Great Date Spoilers, the on-the-date irritating stuff that causes even the most promising dating scenarios to crash and burn brighter than the glow that should've been your close-up moment.

So, you ask, what exactly are these scene-stealing moments? The Academy recognizes the following as the top Great Date Spoilers in the dating production category:

late date
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Being late

He arrives at the meeting point on time. Twenty minutes later, he's still sitting there, wondering, "Did I get the information wrong? Did I get stood up?" and then...just as the host informs him that he has lost his hard-to-get reservation, you show up, all apologetic and trying to be cute and charming. He is required (but resentful) to be a good sport and let it go. If he doesn't, you get bent out of shape that he wasn't more understanding. The mood? Irritatingly spoiled.

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checking phone on date
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Being cell-bound

He's in the middle of a funny story when your phone rings. It's your mom, and you stay on for a while arguing about why you never call. You hang up, and he continues. Your phone rings again--this time, a business call. After a few of those, he stops trying to talk. You are angry that he's so quiet. The conversation? Spoiled and silent till he says, "Check, please."

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complaining to water at restaurant
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Being rude to staff

When the waiter politely told you that he couldn't accommodate your special meal request, you "whatevered" him. When the guy behind the counter apologized and asked you to repeat what you said, you told him he was incompetent. Your date not only cringes—he apologizes for you (at length if he's a regular at the date place). You get highly offended and angry and say, "What, are you taking his side over mine?" Still embarrassed and newly ticked-off, he mutters "b****" under his voice. You answer back, he answers back, bad things are said, and you both stomp off home. The evening? Spoiled, and so will be your reputation amongst anyone he knows. 

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couple bored on date
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Having eating issues

He stops at an Italian ice stand in the park—the best in the city, he says—and you refuse to get any so he has to eat alone while walking with you. Or he takes you to a restaurant that's world famous for its seafood and you order a salad, everything on the side. Or just as bad, you order several of everything, barely touch more than a modest portion, and doggy-bag the rest for later. He's either completely ticked off that you had no interest in sharing and appreciating his taste in food or wonders if you just used him for a week's worth of gourmet groceries.

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He'll either end up making comments or asking probing questions about your eating habits that you'll find make you uncomfortable and defensive. He'll just give up. The odds that he'll ever try to share his love of food (which is right up there with his love of sex, sports, and sleep): spoiled.

Bottom line on spoilers: Don't do them.

And don't let them be done to you.

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