The Tool That'll Finally Help You Finish Your To-Do List

If you've had trouble being productive, use this one, single trick that'll help you conquer your list.

December 22, 2016
to do list smartphone

Adapted from PUSH

Maybe you're wondering why I'm so excited about something as everyday as a to-do list. It's because if you use this very special, quite simple formula, this actually works—effortlessly.


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If you are inconsistent in making lists or if you avoid creating a daily to-do list because you assume it's complicated or time consuming (most are), I'm here to tell you that this one is not. Get ready to use your smartphone to prioritize your tasks, simplify your life, and meet your goals today!

My formula is 100 times easier when you create your list on your smartphone. Can you apply its techniques to some other method—stickie notes, a written list, the scheduler on your computer? Sure. And you can keep your cash in your shoe if that makes more sense to you.

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I mean, you're carrying your phone with you 24/7 anyway. Why not actually give it a purpose?!? For about $1 an app, it becomes a personal trainer, nutritionist, calorie counter, before-and-after photographer, fitness journal, nutritional diary, accountability partner, day planner, coach, task manager, mobile classroom, even your own personal chef, and so much more. Your phone can take you from the kind of person who occasionally keeps to-do lists, scattered on Post-it notes and the back of envelopes, to one of those calmly organized folks who never seems to be short on time. So don't you dare decide before we even begin that you won't consider a smartphone or that you will use the one you have just to simplify this process. You're too smart, too committed to waste time being stubborn about this. (I'm only pushy because I care!)


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If you establish and diligently maintain this daily to-do list, you will improve your peace of mind, experience less stress, minimize life clutter, improve your relationships, create more wealth, boost your self-esteem, and, above all, create more of the most valuable commodity you need to create a balanced life: time.

Let's begin with the basic five steps:
1. Same time: Create your to-do list at the same time every day.
2. Same place: Maintain your to-do list in one location.
3. Bring it with you: Carry your to-do list with you at all times.
4. Organize it: Begin each list with three items related to your fitness goal and three related to your health goal.
5. Keep yourself accountable: Review and revisit your list several times per day.

Using these steps and your smartphone, you'll absolutely blast through your master brainstorm. Your only complaint will be that you can't come up with goals to tackle fast enough!