The 4 Relationship Dates You Should Never Forget

Therapist Rober Taibbi, LCSW, suggests a few subtle celebrations to earmark.

March 15, 2017
couple anniversary
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Adapted from Men's Health Big Book of Uncommon Knowledge

From your first date to the moment you become "official," there are several relationship milestones that deserve to be remembered. 

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But while you may have saved these dates in your calendar already, these big four moments should also be planned for: 

when you meet
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When you meet

Pull up a stool at the pizza joint where you first flirted, says Taibbi. Or do one better: Make the pie at home and skip dealing with the grouchy counter guy.

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woman promotion
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Her big promotion

She killed it, so raise a glass, says Taibbi. Try: "I knew this would be a big change and hard work, but it's paid off. I'm proud of you." Now pop that bubbly.

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couple moving in together
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When you moved in

Surprise her with an upgrade to your abode: Plant a tree in the yard, buy that piece of art she's had her eye on, or spring for luxury sheets. (Then test 'em out!)

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mother in law
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Her mom's birthday

Cute, right? But seriously: Help her mom kick back, and maybe toss in that new book she wants, and you could earn a powerful ally.

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