Take These 5 Inspirational Steps in the New Year

When you're inspired from a pure soul level, achieving your goals and dreams becomes much easier.

January 26, 2017
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Rebecca Rosen is a spiritual medium and the author of What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well.

The New Year and resolutions go together like peanut butter and jelly. We begin the year with a devout willingness and dedication to stick to our resolutions so that we can achieve our goals and fulfill our heart's desires. At first it's easy; we're so over what we don't want, all we can think and talk about is what we do want—to lose ten pounds, earn more money, find a soul mate, and make the most of our gym membership.

Motivation like this works, but only for a short while. Most of us inevitably lose our sense of resolve, and in no less than three weeks. Did you know that January 17th is National Ditch Your New Year's Resolution Day? It's official, so the question becomes, why is it so hard to stick to our resolutions long enough to enjoy a successful outcome?

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What Spirit has communicated to me is that when our actions to accomplish any goal are fueled by the mind, or the ego, our motivation is certain to be short lived. The mind is often unclear, clouded by past experiences, critical, fearful and influenced by other people. The mind is also impatient. It wants the quick fix, the magic pill that it "thinks" will solve our problems. When you approach any resolution in this way, you inevitably set yourself up for failure. But when you're inspired from a pure soul level, as I'll soon explain, achieving your goals and dreams becomes much easier.

Take these 5 inspirational steps to help you get on—and remain on—track to fulfill your New Year's Resolutions.

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Step 1: Clarity

Pure inspiration, versus fear-based motivation, starts to percolate when you go within (5 minutes in meditation is a great start) and get really clear on what your soul desires and your intention for achieving it. A practice that has helped me achieve clarity of this kind is to focus on WHAT and WHY. What do I want to achieve and why do I want it? The 'why' is key. Again, if weight loss is a goal for you, why do you want it? The answer goes deeper than, I want to be thin. The answer is actually connected to a feeling. So, ask yourself, if I achieve it, how will it make me feel? If I lose five pounds, will I feel more comfortable in my own skin? More energetic and able? More accepted? More worthy of love? For many people, the pure intention to lose weight is inspired by a longing to fit in, to not feel separate and alone. It's connected to a desire to feel accepted. When you ask yourself, 'what' and 'why,' go deep and connect your intention to a feeling.

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Step 2: Ask For Divine Intervention

If step one is clarity, then the next important step is to invite Spirit in. Ask your higher guides, angels and deceased loved ones to meet you halfway and help guide you forward with loving support. Once you've teamed up with Spirit, expect a flood of unlimited resources and endless inspiration to support your efforts. No kidding, when you tap into the infinite and unbounded energy of Spirit—a force much bigger than yourself—obstacles and challenges begin to resolve almost effortlessly, and daily miracles begin to appear in your life.

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Step 3: Act As If

Every day, and especially on those days when you're exhausted, discouraged, and struggling, act as if everything you want, need and desire is right in front of you, right now. You 'act as if' by expressing all the wonderful feelings associated with having what you most desire—loved, appreciated, valued, accepted, grateful, etc. When you act as if, you enable the powerful Law of Attraction to draw into your reality exactly what you most want your reality to be.

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Step 4: Show Up and Do the Work

Get out of bed each day willing and committed to to do your part to make your dreams come true. You can 'act' like you have what you most desire, but you also have to do the work. For example, my fiancé, Chris, is in the process of creating and building his dream business. He's naturally a visionary, which is all fine and dandy, until it comes time to execute his vision. He's discovered that it's not enough to simply dream things up; he has to take concrete steps and actions in order to make his divinely guided dream come true. There have been many days he's had to work long hours, take on additional roles, hire and fire employees and invest his own resources to fund the project. It hasn't been easy. It's been work! But Chris understands that he must stay committed to his goal in order to achieve it.

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Step 5: Surrender

This is a biggie. For me, anyway, surrendering is difficult because I'm a doer. If I put my mind to something, I want to get it done, and I can easily get caught up in wanting what I want when I want it. But my idea of "divine timing" and God's idea isn't the same. Our two clocks are set differently, which means that my goals and desires often run late. Surrendering to this truth, to the reality that we each only have so much control over the circumstances, events and people in our lives is a humbling experience. It can also be quite liberating. Surrendering allows you to relax, if even just a little bit, and trust that if you've set a clear intention, asked for divine guidance, and done the work with gratitude and dedication, your desires are on the way. When I do readings for clients, I'm constantly nudged by Spirit to show them their situation through God's eyes, and to pass on the important message to be patient—all really is well. Spirits remind me often that we are not to measure our "success" in dollars, job title, portfolio, dress size or whom we marry, anyway. Rather, success is measured in this life and beyond by the amount of joy, love and light we give and receive on a daily basis.

As you recommit to your resolutions for the new year, consider what you want and why you want it. What's your pure intention? Remember, it's often not a thing, but a feeling you're really after. In my blog post Times of Change, I reveal what Spirit has communicated to me in countless readings—this is the year that the seeds of our greatest desires and dreams will start to sprout and flourish, if we can simply stay out of the way, let go and grow.

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