5 Signs He Is Just Not That Into You

So, here's a list of troubleshooter tips.

May 17, 2017
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Adapted from Dateworthy

It's possible that while he is extremely Dateworthy and obviously in full recognition of just how Dateworthy you are, you just can't get beyond that no-sparks friendship feeling.

Unfortunately, that can also happen the other way around. And when it does...very often, as women, we try to read between the lines of what he's saying and what he's doing and what we want it all to mean.

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So, here's a list of troubleshooter tips. If you notice any of these behaviors or changes in your guy: no making up excuses to make everything okay. Okay? You need to let him go...and say so what? And remember that no door closes without another one opening up, and most often, it leads to something even better. Like...you know...a Dateworthy doubles team that wins championships.

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He doesn't initiate contact

There are about a million and seven ways people can connect these days and absolutely zero excuses why he cannot reach out and touch (exception: He has just become a missionary and left for a six-month tour in countries where one must use leaves for toilet paper). If he's not calling—or returning calls—you are not on his brain (or anywhere else for that matter).

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He doesn't make plans.

If he cannot commit as far down the road as say, this weekend, it's because he's hoping for something better to take up his time.

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He talks about his ex all the time.

Constant ex-rated talk means that his heart and interests are still with her—and you are nothing but the temporary rebound chick (hint: he's not relationship material).

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He keeps his cell phone on when he's with you and off when he's not.

Everybody else can get a hold of him when he's with you, but somehow you can never get him to pick up—unless you are on someone else's phone line and then he apologizes, makes small talk, and ooops—he's got another call to take. No matter which strategy you use to get him to listen to you, nothing works. 

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He doesn’t try to make you happy

As a matter of fact, he doesn't go the extra mile at all with respect to complimenting your appearance or taking care of his. He's even a little mean, a little sarcastic, a little short on patience. Hate to say it, but he's hoping you break up with him so that he doesn't have to do it.

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