Meditation Is About Getting Good at Life, Not the Practice

And follow this six-phase mental hack to get you to the level of extraordinary fast.

April 19, 2016
woman meditating

There are thousands of different styles of meditation, but they all fall into one of two categories: meditation methods derived from monastic practices and meditation practices designed for the modern human being.

All meditation is beneficial, but unless you're a monk, you don't want to meditate like one. It's inefficient and slow. Many of these practices are still rooted in dogma and haven't been updated for centuries.


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According to Emily Fletcher, who founded the Ziva meditation school in New York City, the biggest misconception about meditation is that its purpose is to stop your mind from thinking. Just try to stop thinking. Difficult, huh? As Emily says, when people try that, it's usually "the beginning and end of their meditation career."

The Six-Phase draws on many different methods to bring you an optimized meditation experience you can personalize to your schedule, needs, and life. It's rooted in science and allows you to incorporate every idea of this book into your life in just fifteen minutes a day. And you won't be asked to clear your mind.

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The Six-Phase is a mental hack to get you to the level of extraordinary faster than ever before. Each phase of the Six-Phase is designed to enhance one of six key skills. The first three contribute to happiness in the now. The next three contribute to your vision for the future.

Here's why we're focusing on these six phases:

1. Compassion
I believe that all human beings need love and compassion in their lives. This phase is about helping you be kinder toward others and kinder toward yourself. It's a powerful self-love tool. In this phase, you express your intention of extending greater compassion and love to an ever-widening circle of humanity, starting with your family and friends and then widening all the way to encompass the planet.


2. Gratitude
We may have many goals, but it's important to appreciate and be happy about what we've accomplished thus far. Gratitude has a high correlation with well-being and happiness. In this phase, just think about three things you're grateful for in your personal life, three things you're grateful for in your career, and three things you're grateful for about yourself. 

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3. Forgiveness
Being at peace with the world and the people around you is one of the most effective ways to maintain Blissipline. Plus, it makes you unfuckwithable. So, forgive. Forgive every single person in our lives who had wronged you, even if it was in the slightest way imaginable.

4. Future dreams
It's hugely energizing to have a vision pulling you forward—a picture of how you want your life to unfold in the future. In this phase, you express intentions for your future happiness. 

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5. The perfect day
This phase gives you a sense of control over how life unfolds every day. It translates your future dreams into actionable steps. This phase brings you to your perfect day—today—and you can see how you’d like your day to unfold: starting your morning alert and excited, having a great meeting with amazing colleagues, feeling full of ideas, nailing that presentation, meeting up with friends after work, having a delicious dinner with your mate, playing with your kid before bed.


6. The blessing
We need to feel supported, resting in the knowledge that whatever big projects we're setting out to do, things are going to be okay. This phase is about making you feel safe and supported in your quest. If you believe in a higher power, you imagine that you can tap into it, call upon it, and feel the energy of this higher power flowing down into you, through your head and all the way to your toes—you feel loved and supported. That's it. It takes thirty seconds. If you don't believe in a higher power, you can imagine that you're rebooting yourself, fine-tuning yourself, or calling on your inner strength. Likewise, you feel this energy coursing through you. You're now ready to hit the ground running to pursue your quest.

Adapted from The Code of the Extraordinary Mind