5 Steps of Giving More to the Universe

The Dalai Lama once said: To be happy, make others happy.

October 13, 2016
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Adapted from Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Giving is a natural segue from gratitude. Gratitude fills us with positive feelings and energy for life. When our cup is full, we have the capacity to give to others. 

Giving happiness to others is hugely powerful, lifts up both giver and receiver, and it's easy, because happiness is contagious. It can be anything from smiling and saying good morning with gusto to leaving little notes in briefcases or lunchboxes; from going the extra mile on a project to doing an extra house chore without being asked; from leaving a thoughtful note of appreciation on a coworker's desk to meeting your sweetheart at work with surprise tickets to an evening concert "just because." 

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Giving is the path for doing this. I believe that the only currency that truly matters in an uncertain world is the kindness and generosity passed from one human being to another. 

Giving is a powerful system for bringing bliss into your life. A compliment to a coworker, a handwritten note of appreciation, inviting someone to get ahead of you in line—all of these seemingly little things will help elevate your happiness while creating tiny ripples that you may not see but when multiplied, help us make this world a far kinder and more beautiful place.

Step 1. List all the things you could give to others

Ideas include: time, love, understanding, compassion, skills, ideas, wisdom, energy, physical help, and what else?

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Step 2. Drill down and get specific

What skills (accounting, tech support, tutoring, legal assistance, writing, office skills, art skills)? What kinds of wisdom (career counseling; working with kids; helping others deal with an experience you've had, such as going through an illness or being the victim of a crime)? What types of physical help (fixing things, assisting the elderly, cooking, reading to the blind)?

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Step 3. Think about where you could give help

Within your family or extended family? At work? In your neighborhood? Your city? Local businesses? Spiritual community? Local library? Youth organizations? Hospitals or nursing homes? Political or nonprofit organizations? What about starting a group or raising awareness about an underserved cause?

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Step 4. Follow your intuition

Review your lists and mark the items where you feel a surge of excitement.

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Step 5. Take action

Put out feelers, watch for coincidences that bring opportunity your way, and explore the possibilities.

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