How Engaging Your Heart Can Deepen Your Consciousness

It is incumbent on each of us to pay attention to why we are here and what is our purpose.

October 30, 2017
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Adapted from Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness

It is incumbent on each of us to pay attention to why we are here and what is our purpose. Focusing on our role in the larger scheme offers tremendous power over our lives. Consciousness is a continuum in which at every stage we have the opportunity for learning and growth. Many people, like myself, find such revelations through a near-death experience or other impromptu connection to the spiritual realm.


But any of us can achieve the same goal by cultivating a connection to our own higher nature. One must intentionally "step outside" of mundane waking consciousness to perceive a grander view—it cannot be fully appreciated from within the Supreme Illusion. When one accepts that the physical brain does not create mind but serves to allow in universal consciousness, "going within" is actually the means of "going out" to know more of the universe. 

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It is the awareness, or the observer, within each of us that is at the heart of the deep mystery of the mind-body discussion and confounding experiments in quantum physics. Through regular practice, strengthening our connection with that inner observer allows us to apply profound understanding and influence in the course of our daily lives. Developing this awareness enhances our link with our "higher soul," which connects us to Collective Mind.

Karen Newell, my co-author, and I regularly teach workshops in which we demonstrate techniques for exploring consciousness and exercising that inner observer. One of our main teachings is on how to engage the heart in these practices. I remind people of the powerful force of love I encountered in the deepest part of my coma journey and how we all can become conduits of that love. Karen then relates how to begin to do exactly that by increasing awareness of the heart. She describes how to imagine something for which you are grateful and then noticing how that feels in the area surrounding the heart. For her, that was her recollection of playing with puppies. But for someone else, it could be the memory of a beautiful sunset or a joy-filled occasion; each of us will select something different.


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As we inhabit the thought and feeling of that memory, the energetic heart will begin to respond. The feeling may be subtle at first, but after a time, a lighter or more expansive sensation in the heart becomes more obvious. You can do this in quiet moments while lying in bed or daydreaming during a break from work. It might start as a warm or tingling sensation, perhaps a fluttering or quivering feeling. Once you increase awareness of this, you can begin to manage it. Practice this repeatedly throughout the day; there is no limit to how frequently, but just a few minutes each time is enough to start.

That feeling that you have is being generated and felt within your heart. Realize what that means: You are the love; it is generated from inside of you. Rather than directing loving thoughts toward yourself, simply be the love that you are. As this becomes more comfortable, begin to practice expanding your heart field to positive effect on those around you. Knowing that our heart fields expand around the body, as you consciously become more of this love, it begins to radiate out to others and starts to affect them in remarkable ways. Try expanding like this when you're in a meeting or stuck in a long line and notice how others respond--you don't have to say a word to begin noticing a difference. For example, during a tension-filled business meeting, Karen quietly focused on radiating love with her energetic heart and watched as the stress dissipated. If each of us takes personal responsibility for managing our heart's energy (not someone else's), imagine how the world might change.


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I now consciously incorporate this heart awareness regularly into presentations. As I prepare during the moments just prior to speaking, I check into my heart space, I feel more deeply into it, and then I let it expand to encompass the entire group. The actual words conveyed in my talks are always somewhat different, as those who have heard me speak repeated times know. For example, sometimes I focus on more scientific concepts related to quantum mechanics and the measurement paradox. Other times, anecdotes I've not previously shared with an audience unexpectedly come to mind. I visualize that I am resonating with the collective heart fields of the entire group in order to tailor my delivery to the needs of the specific audience. This seems to help guide the particular direction of my message and connects me to the group in ways my medical presentations before coma never achieved.