3 Ways to Enhance Your Daily Gratitudes

This is how you help prevent negative models of reality from taking root.

September 15, 2016
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For some people, expressing gratitude for things in their immediate environment might feel awkward. That's okay; too many of us have fallen into a gratitude-free way of living, which means that it's all the more important to push through the discomfort.

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Here are a few hints for enhancing the process as you get the hang of it:

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Focus on the feelings

A lot of people turn this into a mechanical list-making exercise or list things they "should" feel grateful for (usually a sign that a Brule is running the show). To avoid these pitfalls, focus on your feelings: happy, optimistic, comforted, confident, tender, proud, sexy, filled with laughter, filled with love. For each item, spend five to ten seconds letting the feelings well up. When you land on something for which you truly do feel gratitude—whether it's for your great child or your great skin—it will feel like a straight shot to bliss.

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Do these exercises twice a day, morning and night

Just as Arianna Huffington describes her meditation system as a way to kick-start her morning in the right direction, taking just a moment to express gratitude in the morning can have an amazing impact on the rest of your day. Similarly, ending the day with gratitude allows you to establish a more positive model of reality.

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Share the goodness of gratitude

Think about ways to use or adapt these exercises with others in your life. Try them with your kids, as I do, or with your partner over a glass of wine at the end of the week (that's happy hour for real). The benefits will be even greater if you share them, and hearing what others feel grateful for may inspire you to find more gratitude in your own life.

Adapted from The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

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