10 Things a Mother Should Never Discuss With the Bride

Don't even go there. As your daughter is preparing for her wedding, make sure you don't sabotage it with these statements.

April 19, 2017
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Adapted from It's Her Wedding But I'll Cry If I Want To

The moment your daughter announces that she's getting married, you start playing catch-up. What's news to you is the culmination of a decade of daydreams for her. By the time you get over the shock, she is hip deep in bridal magazines. By the time you've called all the relatives, she is mentally debating the advantages of a sunset wedding on a Bali beach or asking the president if the White House is available on a Saturday in June.

It is tempting to sit back and enjoy the moment.

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You and your daughter have been through so much together. Book reports and braces. Good grades and bad hair days. Shouting matches you'll always remember and boyfriends you'd rather forget. There were times when you wondered whether the bond between you had stretched to the breaking point. But now you are both adults, able to relate woman-to-woman.

But as the wedding day approaches, make sure you're not sabotaging her big day with these statements: 

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1. What it really is (was) like to be married to her father.

Let's not compare. It's for the best. 

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2. Her sex life

Unless you are hoping to learn something. 

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3. Your sex life

Unless you are hoping to learn something, again. 

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4. Any sentence that begins with "Marriage is . . ."

Now is just not the time. She doesn't want that defined. 

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5. Your preferred son-in-law

The ex-boyfriend you hoped she'd marry.

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6. The past love

The ex-boyfriend she hoped she'd marry. Just, why?

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7. The "almost husband"

The ex-boyfriend you are glad she didn't marry.

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8. Your son-in-law's choices

The groom’s hair, clothes, career, friends, or how much time he spends watching sports.

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9. Holiday plans

Whether the newlyweds will be coming to your house for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Mother's Day.

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10. Plans for kids

How soon you are going to be a grandmother. Save it for after the wedding.

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