6 Perfectly Wonderful Hostess Gifts Under $5

Remember this: When you come to someone’s house, it is always nice to arrive with a little something. That is never inappropriate!

March 16, 2017
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Headed to a party and stumped on what to get your host? Pick up any of these sweet, and inexpensive gifts, from Kelly Williams Brown, author of Gracious

flower vase
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Simple flowers

A single big round flower in a little dollar-store bud vase.

greeting card
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A kind greeting

A sweet card for them—encouraging if they're down, celebratory if it's a happy day, or one that will make them laugh if it's a just-because visit.

cheese wedge
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A cheese wedge (this may just be me, but I am never sorry to receive cheese of any kind).

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used book
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A used copy of a book you think they'd enjoy—bonus points if you write an inscription.

sc0rpi0nce/Getty Images
A little DIY

If you are an artsy or crafty person, maybe just a little tiny thing you drew/doodled/lettered/made for them.

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Sirirak/Getty Images
Something sweet

If you are a cooking/baking person, a treat of some sort. Actually, if it's a one-on-one visit, why not swing by a local pastry place and grab a nice-looking tart or some macaroons?

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