How to Buy Your Partner the Perfect Gift Every Time

Stumped on what to get your partner for the holidays, their birthday, or your anniversary? Follow these steps to the perfect gift.

March 15, 2017
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Adapted from Men's Health Big Book of Uncommon Knowledge

Gift giving. It's a tricky process. You may think you know your love, but when it comes to giving a gift, you're all of a sudden at a loss for ideas. No more. 

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Streamline your shopping by asking yourself these four questions first: 

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“What did we talk about last?”

"People are always dropping ideas," says Lash Fary, who creates gift baskets for Hollywood events. Her train commute sucks? Buy her an iTunes gift card. She just signed up for a yoga class? Buy her a mat for home.

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"Can I tie in a personal experience?"

You know what's better than that iTunes gift card? One to a restaurant you've been to together. "Use nostalgia to your advantage," says Fary. "The thoughtfulness behind it will make a small gift seem bigger."

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"What does he or she do regularly?"

Can't think of anything? Then you're not trying hard enough, says Fary. Think about it: Your wife brews coffee every morning. Your brother hikes every week. Your buddy has two dogs. Your list writes itself!

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"What's the purpose of this gift?"

If you can't answer this question, keep shopping. "Ultimately," says Fary, "gifts should be a reflection of how well you know the needs of the person you're buying them for."

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