11 Apps for Your Garden

Give your green thumb a boost with gardening at your fingertips using these awesome apps.

March 30, 2015

Sun, check. Soil, check. Seeds, check. Smartphone? You bet! Bring your garden into the 21st century with apps that can help you plan your layout, track your plants, and identify the best crops for you.

General Gardening:


Garden Plan Pro
Available for iOS ($7.99)
This is a great all-in-one app. It has tools that'll let you design your plots, with flexible shapes to suit any garden; it will remind you when to plant based on your climate; and it has intelligent recommendations for plant spacing and crop rotations.

Garden Tracker
Available for iOS ($3.99)
While you might not get quite the level of sophistication of Garden Plan Pro in terms of garden plot shapes, this app still offers a lot of tools (for less money, too). Plan your garden plots and track your progress, including watering, harvesting, and fertilizing, all organized as a grid. Plus, it comes pre-loaded with info on more than 50 crops and is fully customizable for you to add your own plants.

Garden Compass Plant/Disease Identifier
Available for iOS (Free)
Put the expertise of a team of horticulturalists at your fingertips—literally! This app allows you to take a photo of your pest or plant problem and the online team will identify it and give you recommendations for how to fix it. It's kind of like having tech support for your garden.

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Growing Guides and Plant Encyclopedias:

Garden Guide HD
Available for iOS ($1.99)
This inclusive guide has info on more than 9,000 plants in 16 categories. Each entry covers planting requirements (light, water, climate, soil), planting time, USDA Plant Hardiness Zones, harvest or bloom time, care to-do lists, and common issues.

The Essential Garden Guide
Available for iOS ($1.99)
This app is the product of 15 years of agricultural collaboration. It covers subjects ranging from soil prep to lawn care to how to grow 30 common veggies and 8 fruits. For each crop, it has detailed instructions for planting, care, and harvesting, as well as common problems.

Vegetable Garden Guides
Available for iOS and Android ($1.99)
Take your vegetable resources into the garden with you. This app comes with guides for more than 90 herbs and vegetables, even allowing you to add your own notes so you can improve your garden from year to year. Each entry also comes with an easy reference to pull up info on plant and row spacing, timing, seed depth, and yield.

Perennial Match
Available for iOS ($4.99)
When planning your garden, you have to be sure that your plants get along as neighbors. It doesn't work if one's a beach babe who loves the sun and the other is a shy guy who prefers to sit in the rain. This app checks and collects plant combos to make sure they work well for your plot. Filter by sun, water, color, and height. Plus, there's a large photo library with useful info for each plant.

Available for iOS ($4.99)
Get inspired with more than 2,800 photos of lovely flowers. While this app isn't focused on gardening, it does have a flower identification wizard to teach you how to recognize plants in the wild.

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The Landscaper's Companion
Available for iOS ($4.99)
Have the power of a professional landscaper in your hand. With more than 21,000 searchable plant images, you'll be able to design your dream yard. Search by common or scientific name, sun exposure, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone, water requirements, color, bloom time, deer resistance, or size.

Other Gardening Aspects:

Bee Smart
Available for iOS and Android (Free)
You're not the only one who loves your garden: Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds do, too. Learn what plants your local pollinators love to feast on to make your backyard a-buzz with life.

GrowIt Garden Socially
Available for iOS and Android (Free)
Turn your gardening into a social experience. GrowIt lets you get input and ideas from nearby gardeners and share your own plant successes. Upload your plants to show off or get help if they're not faring so well.

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