Father's Day Gifts for the Sustainably Minded Dad

Say "thanks" to Dad without hurting the planet.

June 4, 2015
father daughter piggy back in the woods

Whether your dad is a handyman who loves reusable materials or an eco-conscious outdoors man, say "thank you" for everything he does with one of these 11 gifts for Father's Day.

Dr. Bronner's Organic Shave Gel

Those expensive shave kits can be rip-offs—in more ways than one. Many personal care products, including shaving creams for men, list the nebulous "fragrance" as an ingredient. That can mean that this product contains endocrine-disrupting phthalates or styrene, a possible carcinogen. Poisoning your dad for Father's Day? Not the best move. Opt instead for Dr. Bronner's Organic Shave Gel. Scented with spearmint and peppermint, not "fragrance," this shave gel is soothing and moisturizing, without the questionable chemicals.


Kombucha Home Brew Kit

Help your dad kick his soda habit with this Kombucha Home Brew Kit. Kombucha is a fizzy fermented tea, meaning it's got all the bubbles of a soda but is good for his gut. Plus, all of the ingredients are grown without pesticides or herbicides.

Cold Brew Coffee Kit
Dad doesn't want to settle for watered-down iced coffee made from pouring hot coffee over melting ice cubes. He'd rather have a better brew made with a cold brew coffee kit by CoffeeSock. Since the grounds don't get hot, this cold-brew version has a much smoother taste, without the bitterness. The kit comes with a reusable jar and organic-cotton coffee filters.

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Screwdriver Set With Interchangeable Bits

A classic gift for Dad takes on a ecofriendly spin. This screwdriver set with interchangeable bits by Elementary Design is handmade in London. The easy-to-grip handle is made of beech wood and finished with nontoxic linseed oil.

Bottle Opener Tool Kit

If your dad is less handy and tools just clutter up the garage, give him a "hammer" that he'll really use. This cheeky Bottle Opener Tool Kit  from Ten Thousand Villages is hailed as "the only tools you'll ever need" and is made using ancient Indian metalworking traditions. The artisans are supported by Noah's Ark International Exports, a fair trade handicraft-marketing organization. The organization supports its artisans—mainly women who otherwise wouldn't be able to practice their craft because of responsibilities at home.

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The Champion's Mind by Jim Afremow

Whether your dad is a sports guy or is just the kind of man who always wants to be at the top of his game, he'll love learning from the best. In The Champion's Mind, sports psychologist Jim Afremow, PhD, explains how it's not raw talent that differentiates between good athletes and legendary ones—it's how they play the mental game. The book also has techniques to help athletes get in the zone, thrive on a team, and be a good sport.

Strong Antler's Wall Hook

Give your dad's man cave a rugged look with this Strong Antlers Wall Hook from Ten Thousand Villages. Not only does the hand-hammered iron give this piece of art a cool industrial-meets-wilderness feel, but it also supports the Haitian Committee of Artisans, a nonprofit organization that markets and exports crafts made by Haitian artists.

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Organic Jalapeño Pepper Sauce

Some hot sauces bring the heat, but no flavor. A&B American Style Condiments' Jalapeño Pepper Sauce does both. It's spicy, without being overwhelming, and maintains a great pepper taste. Plus, it's organic, non-GMO, and has no sugar. Just the thing to add the perfect kick to a meal.

Heirloom BBQ Gift Box

For the grill master, try this Heirloom BBQ Gift Box set by Scrumptious Pantry. The kit includes Smoky Tomato Catsup (much lower in sugar than most varieties, which are loaded with sneaky sugars), Bread & Butter Pickles, and Beaver Dam Pepper Hot Sauce. These heirloom varieties have amazing flavors, and by supporting heirloom agriculture with your purchase, you're helping to protect biodiversity. Or if he prefers spicy, try the Hot Sauce Sampler.

Threads 4 Thought Long-Sleeve Tee Shirt Hoodie

This long-sleeve tee shirt hoodie by Threads 4 Thought is the perfect summer sweater. This comfortable hoodie with kangaroo pocket is a great lightweight layer for casual evenings outside. Plus, it's 100 percent GOTS certified cotton, meaning the fabric is grown organically and dyed sustainably.

Coburn Hiking Boots

For the outdoorsy dad, try these Coburn boots by Ahnu. Not only does Ahnu support organizations, including the Wilderness Land Trust and Team Farsight, they also source its leather sustainably. Their Restricted Substance Policy ensures that materials are safe for both workers, consumers, and the environment. And, as a member of the Leather Working Group, Ahnu makes sure that the leather is sourced from sound animal husbandry practices and humane animal treatment. The bonus of leather is that it means these shoes can endure all kinds of wather, meaning they'll last for years to come.
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