Baby Chick Cam: Watch This Adorable 'Polar Vortex' Miracle!

The odds were against this chick after a Mama Hen hatched and abandoned it in 5-degree winter weather. See how it's doing today!

March 14, 2014


If a Mama Hen had to pick a day to hatch out a baby chick, late February in Pennsylvania during the area's third polar vortex wouldn't be the best choice. But that's exactly what happened on my family farm several weeks ago. Checking on my free-range flock as the sun set and the thermometer dipped to about five degrees, I spotted a tiny baby chick crying and shivering in the cold with no Mama Hen in sight. Knowing newly hatched chicks need to be 95 degrees to survive, I swooped him up, took him into the house without hesitation, and started nursing him (or her) back to health. Against all of the odds, the baby chick that hatched during the polar vortex is doing just fine, eating and investigating the brooder my husband and I set up in our toasty living room. Beware: What you're about to see is going to warm your heart! Enjoy! #polarvortexchick


Live streaming video by Ustream

The cardboard brooder is quite large for one chick and features the following amenities: •An EcoGlow radiant heat brooder that keeps him warm. The heat comes from a panel above the chick, replicating a "mother hen." •Organic chick starter feed with the occasional Stonyfield plain yogurt treat, and fresh water. •A "gym" with Lego steps, a small dumbbell to practice perching, and other activities. Check back regularly for updates, different views of the brooder, and, of course, to see this little baby chick grow! If you share on social, be sure to include #polarvortexchick.

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