The Homework Assignment Every Adult Should Complete

Seven days, and you're on your way to a better you.

November 14, 2017
giving coffeee

Adapted from November Project: The Book

As the founders of November Project, the free fitness movement that's taking over the country, city by city, we've worked to encourage and motivate hundreds and thousands of people. 


In 2002, as Bojan and I were only a few months into our first decade here in Boston, we both had the exact same feeling as we worked to get to know Boston: The city isn't very friendly. I remember calls back home to my brother DG in Madison where I'd say just that, "Boston isn't very kind." Both Bojan and I were on scholarships for making boats move for the Northeastern University Huskies so we had no choice to go anywhere else. Looking back, this was a very good thing as we had to work harder to make new friends. Over the years this city has opened up as we continued to interact with people we didn't know, high-five unsuspecting runners during our river loops, and crack mid-level jokes at bars, bike racks, and even urinals/bathroom stalls hoping to get a laugh or even a smirk out of those serious faces.

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Fast forward to 2013 and we have come to a place where November Project, the hugging, racing, and community building tribe, is on fire. The good vibes that kept us warm during Boston Nor'easters, Madison winters, and San Francisco cold rains, are undeniable. The friendly faces and interactions that have taken place around our many workouts, events, and races are unparalleled. But then last Friday, for a brief moment, I lost my faith in what I/we are doing when my most valuable personal belonging was stolen as I was moving into my new apartment. And man, was I pissed... at the person that did it...  the whole city of Boston... the world. But then I decided that instead of focusing on negatives I will make a positive change. Guide this act of evil into an act of kindness. And this is where your homework comes in to play... 


In the next seven days, yes seven days, you need to complete at least one random act of kindness. But not just any random act of kindness, it must be an unsuspecting random act of kindness.

Holding doors, giving up your seat for the elderly, and picking up trash on the street does not count as completed homework. You should do those things all the time! An example of an unsuspecting random act of kindness could be paying the toll for the vehicle behind you, picking up a round of coffee for people you always see in the morning on the way to work, or giving your jacket to a runner that looks cold during early morning hours.

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But here's the catch: Please do not tweet, post, or brag about anything you do for this homework assignment. Bragging about doing nice things defeats the purpose of that very same act. If you would like to post on our wall or send us a tweet with a simple "Homework Complete" note, that’s cool, but only two people will know the exact details of what you did and that's you and the person that you surprised. Now go make your city and the world a better place!