Study: Sit Less at Work & Live Longer

Cut your sitting time by 71 minutes and reap the benefits.

April 21, 2016
sitting office desk work

It might finally be time to request that standing desk you've heard so much about. 

According to a new report published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, standing 71 minutes (yes, exactly 71 minutes) more per day can eventually lead to about a half-percent less body fat over the course of three months. Though it may not seem like much, the change can result in more movement, and burning even additional calories. 


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To complete the study, researchers tapped into the work habits of 317 workers throughout 19 offices in Denmark (a country that actually provides standing/sitting desks to all of its office workers) and randomly assigned them information and encouragement about using standing desks. Over the course of a month, they found that those who chose to stand for, on average, 71 minutes more per day completed about seven percent more steps throughout the day. 

"We expected people to sit about an hour less a day, but they actually did more, which was really positive," says Ida Hogstedt Danquah, the study's lead author.

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And the health benefits, no matter how incremental, could add up over time. 

"A reduction in sitting time by 71 minutes per day and increases in interruptions could have positive effects and, in the long run, could be associated with reduced risk of heart diseases, diabetes and all-cause mortality, especially among those who are inactive in their leisure time," says the study's co-author, Janne Tolstrup.


Translation: sit less at work, lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and early death, and easily boost longevity.