How the Gut Drives Your Body's Health

Never underestimate the power of microscopic gut bacteria.

July 20, 2015
gut health stomach
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It's time to go with your gut in terms of good health. Gerard Mullin, MD, author of The Gut Balance Revolution sat down with David Perlmutter, MD, to talk about the amazing power of the body.

"The gut is one of the controlling influencers of the body," says Dr. Mullin. There are connections between the gut and the brain, the gut and the liver, the gut and the kidney, and other body systems, Dr. Mullin explains. He lists all kinds of diseases, ranging from diabetes to autoimmune disorders and adds, "It seems like you name it, they all start in the gut."


One of the most fascinating topics he discusses is how the "healthy" choices we're making could be making us sicker, somtimes counterintuitively: Taking antibiotics predicts later obesity, proton pump inhibitors for acid reflux induce the symptoms that they're supposed to cure, and pain meds can hurt your gut lining, leading to painful leaky gut.

Check out the full interview for a crash course on the importance of your gut health with John Hopkins gastroenterologist, Dr. Mullin, that will have you rethinking the way you look at your belly.