How to Eat & Drink Your Way to Better Skin

The nutrition-based solution for improved skin.

February 5, 2018
eating broccoli

Forget the expensive creams and lotions because the secret to healthier skin doesn't lie in the pharmacy. Celebrity nutritionist and registered dietitian, Keri Glassman has you covered with diet strategies that'll give you glowing skin, from the inside out.

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Making these moves each day, may just keep your pimples and wrinkles away. To keep your skin looking its best, incorporate these nutrient-dense tricks into your daily diet. 

canteloupe blueberry
Shop the superfoods

For a radiant glow, these foods are sure to do the trick: artichokes, avocados, cucumber, blueberries, broccoli, cantaloupe, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and kiwi. You can even opt for a refreshing skin-friendly smoothie that incorporates these powerhouse fruits and vegetables for added ease. 

For an extra beauty boost, opt for an egg or salmon side dish while munching on these veggies. Season these proteins with grape seed oil, and turmeric for added flavor and even more benefits.

eating tomato
Eat a serving, or two

Take advantage of the seasonal summer produce, but don't overdo it and risk throwing too much at your beauty regimen at once.

Glassman recommends one beauty fruit, and two servings of your favorite powerhouse veggies, each day. Your skin, (and gut) will thank you later. 

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Double up on the nutrition

Certainly, superfoods do wonders for your heath, and have been proven to be fat-burning machines. These nutritional powerhouses are packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals, and while they're good for your belly fat, they can also protect your skin from aging. You'll start to think twice about the foods that you're eating.

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drink water
Water, always!

Don't forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydate! Fool yourself into drinking more water, try infused water for a new flavor profile, and eat water-heavy foods to get even more hydration. 

Remember, your body is about sixty percent water. Having a glass of water at each meal will keep your skin, muscles, and brain healthy. In other words: drink up!

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