6 Healthy Ways to Use Ginger

Enjoy this healing root in many ways.

February 9, 2015

There are many reasons to love ginger. University of Georgia researchers proved it's just as effective as over-the-counter painkillers when it comes to soothing muscle aches, and we've known for centuries that it's a useful, natural way to deal with motion sickness and even morning sickness related to pregnancy. It's also a nausea reducer for those going through chemotherapy. And large clinical trials found that ginger significantly eases arthritic pain over a several-month period. Go, ginger!

We turned to Gene Baur's Living the Farm Sanctuary Life for different ways to enjoy ginger:
• Peeled or grated on top of ice cream or other desserts


Cooked with sugar for ginger syrup, which can be made into ginger ale

Pickled and served with sushi

Candied, for a healthy dessert

Juiced with fruits and vegetables for a detoxifying drink

Boiled for a tea that eases digestion.