You'll Never Believe How Many People Are Having Sex At Your Gym

Working up a sweat just got a whole lot steamier.

January 20, 2016
couple gym romance

Maybe you're used to finding your latest fling at the bar, but what about the barre? For many regular gym goers (and their hot, sweaty bodies) the gym has become the newest hook up spot. 

A recent British study revealed that nearly 25 percent of gym-goers have had sex where they work out. More than half of the 2,000 people surveyed confessed that they've used the gym as a place to hook up. And if that shocks you, get this: 10 percent of people even admitted to taking a condom along with them, just in case. 


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The survey, conducted by sex shop Ann Summers, may not be 100 percent reliable. However, exercise is a proven way to not only increase your circulation, but also boost endorphins. Boosted endorphins make for a better mood, more energy, and—ahem—boosted blood flow which can certainly turn you on. Plus pheromones, the chemical that attracts your partners, are released in your sweat. 

Are we surprised that gym-goers are looking for a little lovin'? Not exactly. Whether you’re hooking up or fantasizing about it, like 70 percent of the women surveyed, you're certainly not alone. An increased desire for sex isn't the only thing that happens when you work out. These Eight Bizarre Side Effects That Happen to Your Body During Exercise may just surprise you.