The 5 Yoga Moves That Will Give You All-Day Energy

Recharge both the body and mind to fight fatigue.

August 9, 2017
Nousha Salimi

Feeling a little run down? Take a yoga break and boost your energy with the moves from Dana Trixie Flynn, the founder, director, and instructor at Laughing Lotus. Grab a yoga mat and get ready to awaken your inner soul.

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It's time to change your mood and your mindset.

"I’m a big believer that words can change your mood and energy quickly, as can clapping, which awakens the heart and energizes your body," says Flynn. "By allowing your lungs to expand, and get extra oxygen into your blood (by belly breathing) and into the body, it can be a game changer in your day—and life!"

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Below are a few of Flynn's favorite yoga poses to recharge both the body and mind. Skip the coffee, and try her poses instead.

Nousha Salimi
Wild Warrior

(Suggested Playlist Song: "Freaks" by Timmy Trumpet)

Warrior 2 Position:
1. Inhale the arms wide open parallel to the floor, exhale.
2. Clap the hands together and repeat. Inhale to open, then exhale and clap.

Nousha Salimi
Powered By LOVE!

1. Take a wide stance with knees bent. Flex your (spiritual) muscles.
2. Straighten your legs and cross your heart with your arms.
3. Fly your arms high in the air and find a rhythm on your breath with the movement and Mantra, POWERED BY LOVE!

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Nousha Salimi
Thunder Bolt Twists

(Suggested Playlist Song: "We Trying To Stay Alive" by Wyclef Jean)

1. Inhale standing tall.
2. Exhale bend your knees into Utkatasana (chair pose) and prayer your hands to the right.
3. Inhale up to stand with long legs.
4. Repeat to the left side, hands in Namaste (prayer).
5. Pick up the rhythm to a comfortable pace.

Nousha Salimi
Magic Takes Guts

1. Drop into a squat, lift your heels if that helps and clap your hands together.
2. Throw your arms open to the side.
3. Breathe the hands back into a prayer.
4. Repeat to the other side. It takes guts to keep showing up, and never give up. Each time you practice, you step into the magic.
5. Feel the breath and movement get bigger and possibly faster as you open your shoulders and the life force (Prana) uplifts you.
**Chanting or Singing adds energy because you are using your breath/life force.

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Nousha Salimi
Breath of JOY

(Suggested Playlist Song: "A Little Deeper" by KR3TURE)

1. Sitting cross-legged, inhale your arms open.
2. Exhale and fold into yourself.
**Move at your own pace. If you speed up the breath, the moment will flow more quickly or you can enjoy slow and deep breathes.

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