Lose 5 Pounds This Winter

Give seasonal weight gain the cold shoulder with these fun activities

January 11, 2013
Woman walking in snow
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If winter's shorter days and longer nights have added a few inches to you waist, don't panic: There's still plenty of time to get back in shape. Commit to doing one of these nine enjoyable activities for just an hour each day, and you'll burn off any extra pounds you've packed on come spring. (Plus: Avoid the season's common fat traps by learning How to Prevent Winter Weight Gain.)

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Shoveling snow
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Shovel the Snow

Don't use frightful weather as an excuse to sit by the fire. For every 60 minutes you spend shoveling the snow, you'll zap 400 calories.

Approx. 2,800 calories per week based on a 150--pound person

The Superfast Fat Torching Winter Workout

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Go Snowshoeing

Trot around for 60 minutes and you'll torch 545 calories.

Approx. 3,815 per week

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Hit the Slopes

Spend an hour snowboarding and you'll burn nearly 430 calories. Make it a weekend trip to triple your burn.

Approx. 1,430 per weekend

How to Get Fit for Good

Ice Skating
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Be an Ice Angel

Glide and twirl around the ice for 60 minutes and you'll burn 500 calories. This doesn't even include all the extra effort you'll put in while trying to stay on your feet.

Approx. 3,330 calories per week

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Salsa Dancing
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Dance Your Pants Off

Shaking your booty can actually be good for it. Salsa dancing for 60 minutes shakes off 320 calories.

Approx. 2,250 calories per week

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Hot Yoga
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Do Hot Yoga

Skip your usual hatha class and opt for a Bikram session. You'll blast three times as many calories.

Approx. 3,800 calories per week 

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Spin Class
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Take a Spin Class

There's a reason why boutique spin studios have gained so much momentum. Stationary biking burns nearly 500 calories in one hour.

Approx.  3,340 calories per week

Are You Fit to Ride?

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Go Sledding

Flying downhill may not be the most rigorous of winter workouts, but it's definitely the most fun.  Plus, think of all the extra calories you'll burn racing back up.

Approx. 2,860 calories per week

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Ice Climibing
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Try Ice Climbing

If the thought of scaling a frozen wall several feet off the ground sounds exciting, this is the perfect activity for you. Not only will you satisfy your taste for adventure, but you'll also burn 544 calories per hour.

Approx. 3, 810 calories per week

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