What It's Really Like Working Out With Big Boobs

You think you know, but you have no idea.

April 3, 2014

Men. About 99 percent of them think that a woman who has a rather large chest has just gotta love it all day, all the time, period. How could she not?! It's so ... Jessica Rabbit! Now, don't get me wrong, large tatas can be fab. Depending on how big they are, you can use 'em to fill out that perfect dress for your best friend's sister's wedding or, erm, you can do one of these other zillion fun things with your lady lumps.

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But when it comes to working out with the ladies in tow? Yeah, guess what guys, it's not exactly a walk in the park. In case you didn't notice (spoiler alert: we know you did) there's a lot of STUFF there to keep locked down. Wrapped up. In one place. Running with all that bouncing bounty? Just another hassle on days when a woman doesn't really feel like running at all in the first place. And finding just the right sports bra to keep the gals stationary? Well, call me Princess Jasmine and give me a dancing monkey because the special sports bra that requires is something a lady can sometimes only find in her wildest dreams. 

Are you a big-breasted lady who can totally relate? Then laugh along with us as we explain what it's really like to work out with big boobs

The first second you think about working out, you immediately feel short of breath thinking about strapping down those kahunas.

Breathing gif

Upon pondering the constant question -- "Is it a two-sports-bras-at-once kind of day?" -- you let out a major sigh.

Orange is the New Black GIF

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After going with two (it just feels safer, doesn't it?) you feel like some sort of sausage with your girls smooshed in a holding cell.


While you're hoping you look like this, strong and supported.

Under Armour Sports Bra GIF

You really just want to rip the thing off and break free from sports bra-induced uniboob.

Pitch Perfect GIF

... and then they start bouncing.

Raven Simone GIF

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... and you feel like you might resemble this bird:

Bouncing bird

Until you get enough into your workout to forget the minor pain that comes along with toting two bowling balls around on your chest.

Jenna Marbles GIF

Alas, another workout done, another victory. (Insert victory dance, here.)