The Best Treadmill Accessories

You may never look forward to a treadmill run. But the right gear can make it a whole lot more bearable

February 15, 2013
Vapur Reflex
1/6 Thomas McDonald

The Vapur Reflex, an 18-ounce foldable, reusable water bottle with a quick-sip cap, fits nicely in any size bottle holder. $10;
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Lasko fan
2/6 Thomas McDonald

Bolt this three-speed beast to the wall or park it on the floor; either way, the adjustable Lasko 20" High Velocity Fan, with remote control, supplies a stiff breeze wherever you point it. A headwind never felt so good. $70;

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Halo Headband
3/6 Thomas McDonald

Say goodbye to sweat-induced eyeball burn. Inside the Halo Headband is a thin strip that acts as a gutter, sluicing sweat away to the wicking material around the sides of your head. $13;

How Stress Can Help and Hurt Your Running

4/6 Thomas McDonald

The Manduka Equa Hand Towel is the linen equivalent of interval training: compact and supereffective. This 16" x 26.5" microfiber towel soaks up sweat so well you can (almost) skip your postrun shower. $16;

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5/6 Thomas McDonald

The only thump, thump, thump you want to hear on a treadmill is a killer bass line--not another gym member's plodding. Enter the Polk UltraFit 3000 Headphones, comfy around-the-ear buds that feature serious stereo sound, two cord-length options, and on-the-fly controls. $100;
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6/6 Thomas McDonald

When you won't--or can't--run without watching the next episode of Homeland or Breaking Bad, make sure your view is clear and your iPad is secure with the RAM X-Grip III cradle, a rock-solid mount that works on a variety of tablet sizes and treadmill styles. $74 plus $24--$42 for mount;