Workouts That Sculpt Every Inch

Turn up the heat and unleash your hottest summer body with these fat-blasting routines

April 21, 2011
man and woman stretching

There's no better time to peel off the layers--and back the pounds--than spring. With beach season right around the corner, motivation to shape up is at an all-time high and there's still time to get your butt into gear. Whether you just want to get rid of your winter gut or turn heads in a two-piece, we've got a workout plan for you. Incorporate one of these routines into your exercise regimen and you'll be ready to show off your arms, legs, and abs by summer.

Try these 6 tricks to get the most from your workout!

woman showing off biceps
Chris Shipman
Get Sleek Sexy Arms

This upper-body workout hits your biceps, triceps, upper back and shoulders for an all-over toned look. Get ready to show off tank-top-worthy arms and say good-bye to arm flab for good.

Shape up your arms in four easy moves!

man doing triceps pull down
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Reveal Your Six-Pack by Summer

Leave sit-ups for other men. Work your core from all angles with this seven-move circuit and show off your washboard abs Matthew McConaughey--style.

Get a hard core in 4 weeks!

woman stretching
Unleash Your Hottest Body

Counting down the days till you have to don your bikini on your summer cruise? Tone up fast with this fat-shredding, metabolism-boosting cardio and strength-training routine. (If you really want to transform your body, try the Women's Health Diet. Learn more!)

Get a tight body that turns heads!

ripped man
Pack on More Muscle

Do this combination of Olympic and bodyweight movements twice a week and chisel a lean, hard body in record time. You'll be relaxing poolside before you know it.

Get the full workout here!

woman in shorts
Tone Your Thighs and Tush

Go ahead--dare to show a little leg. Trim inches from your thighs and score a tight butt with these four moves that are guaranteed to lift, tone, and lengthen your glutes and gams. (Search: What causes cellulite?)

Get the short shorts workout!

man spiraling
Patrik Giardino
Sharpen Your Coordination

Boost your athletic prowess and improve your core stability. This fun workout will help fine-tune your coordination and work your shoulders, elbows, and wrists, so you'll be able to dominate everything from a game of Frisbee to beach volleyball.

Pick up the spiraling workout!

woman stretching
Tone Up on the Go

Flying across the country is not an excuse to leave your workout behind at curbside check-in. Our no-equipment routine pairs fat-burning bodyweight moves in supersets, so your workout is faster and more effective. (Stuck at home? Here's a simple workout you can do in your living room! )

Tone up anytime, anywhere!

man doing barbell rollout
Beth Bischoff
Build Bigger Muscles

Never be afraid to take off your shirt again. This three-in-one plan adjusts the number of sets, reps, and rest time based on whether you want to develop strength, build muscle, or blast fat.

Start your muscle flex plan today!

woman kneeling with medicine ball
Mitch Mandel
Blast Fat with a Medicine Ball

Play ball! You'll tone your body from head to toe just by tossing, lifting, and catching a medicine ball in this effective four-move workout. (Want more workout tips? Sign up for our daily newsletter.)

Try the medicine ball blast!