The Best Foods to Eat Before Your Workout

Fuel up for your workout with these easy snacks.

July 5, 2016
eating for workout

If you plan to exercise for 45 minutes or less and you've eaten a nutritious meal within the last two, even three hours, there's no reason you need a pre-workout snack.

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However, if you haven't eaten, you'll want to energize your workout. Just make it appropriate for the intensity of the exercise. These snacks are some of the best go-tos: 

pear cheese
1/4 Rodale Wellness

Reach for: Pear + 1/2 oz cheese

Why? Low-intensity exercise requires a light snack. Keep it around 100 calories.

milk turkey snack
2/4 Rodale Wellness

Reach for: 1 cup low-fat milk + 2 oz turkey

Why? To avoid bloating when trying to do Downward-Facing Dog, grab a snack of 200 calories of easily digested carbs and protein. Eat at least one hour before your class.

banana greek yogurt
3/4 Rodale Wellness
Strength Training

Reach for: 1 cup Greek yogurt + 1 medium banana

Why? Shoot for 250 calories' worth of muscle-building protein and energizing carbs at least 30 minutes prior to lifting and you'll jump-start recovery.

almond butter bagel
4/4 Rodale Wellness

Reach for: 1/2 whole-wheat bagel + 1 Tbsp almond butter

Why? If you're learning how to start running, keep in mind that heavy foods will slow you down and slosh around. Aim for 300 calories of roughly 30 g carbs for fast-burning energy no later than an hour before your run.

Adapted from Women's Health Body Clock Diet

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