10 Indoor Workouts to Carry You to Spring

Wave good-bye to outdoor exercise! This chilly weather is here to stay, but it's no reason to give up on winter workouts. Push through your fitness cabin fever with these challenging indoor routines

February 18, 2011

Not sure if you can spend the rest of the season running on the treadmill and lifting weights while staring at the same square of wall? We can't blame you if your workout motivation is waning, but before you go stir-crazy—or give up on winter fitness altogether—take the opportunity to tackle one of these awesome indoor workouts.

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You'll hardly miss the wind whipping through your hair when you see what these moves can do for your body.

Burn More Calories in Less Time

These combo moves work as dynamic duos, burning fat and toning your muscles at the same time. Use this workout to add pizzazz to a tired exercise routine.

Try the 2-in-1 workout that blasts fat and tones arms.

Target Your Whole Body with Dumbbells

Streamline gym time with this super efficient back-to-basics workout. You'll hit every muscle in just 20 minutes using nothing but a pair of dumbbells.

Print-and-go with this 20-minute fat burning workout!

Get Into the Flow

Think some downward dogs can't help you shed pounds and build muslces? Think again. Flow your way to a better build. 

Perform these 5 essential yoga moves every morning for a calmer—and fitter—start to your day. 

Get a Slimmer Waist for Spring

Combine these killer ab exercises with smart eating habits to build a six-pack that's worth showing off before beach season.

Try this lean-belly workout today!

Get Fitter for the Bedroom

The last few pounds are always the hardest to drop, but with this workout, you'll also up your game in the bedroom. 

See how you can blast fat with these 5 sexy moves

Target Your Fast-Twitch Fibers

While slow-twitch muscle fibers offer endurance, fast-twitch muscle fibers provide impressive strength and power. Tackle this explosive workout and you'll see big gains in strength, size, and speed. 

Find out how to hotwire your muscles with this fast workout

No Gym, No Problem

All you need are hand towels for this at-home workout! The body-sculpting routine challenges you to glide through slimming exercises and complete heart-pumping cardio intervals to burn fat.

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Fight Fat Faster

Master this multitasking workout to get leaner while also building size and strength--in just three sweat sessions per week!

Hit the fast track to flex appeal—see the workout!

Thomas MacDonald
Leave No Muscle Behind

When you're crunched for time it's easy to skip the smaller muscles that you don't notice in the mirror. This workout targets neglected areas, like calves, lats, hamstrings, and rear delts, while frying fat and toning your whole body. 

Find out how to tone every inch. Bonus: you'll also banish cellulite! 

Don't Forget Your Backside

Get ready to cringe: Bikini season will be here before we know it. Get a head start by toning your backside in January. 

Try this at-home bikini-booty workout today! 

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