Julia Roberts' Trainer Shares Her Walking Playlist

April 23, 2013

If you’re looking for an easy way to breeze through your sweat sessions, try turning on some tunes. Studies show that using a workout playlist can reduce your perception of how hard you're pushing by about 10 percent. It’s a benefit Kathy Kaehler, a southern California-based personal trainer for celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Drew Barrymore, has seen first hand.

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“My first job was working for Jane Fonda in the '80s. She taught me—and the world—how to drop pounds to the beat with aerobics,” says Kathy. Now, “every day I see how music motivates my clients, whether they are walking, cycling, lunging across the room or gritting their teeth through a wall sit.”

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Below is Kaehler’s favorite playlist to walk to. “The music starts slow but gradually builds,” she explains. Just walk to the beat of each song. “The routine is such a blast that even my sons [twins, age 14, and a 10-year-old] sometimes do it with me.”

1. “Dynamite,” Taio Cruz, 3:23 minutes

2. “Beautiful,” Akon, 5:12

3. “Anytime (Power Remix),” Nolie, 3:45

4. “Cooler Than Me,” Mike Posner, 3:34

5. “Cafe Mocha,” Jesse Cook, 3:38

6. “Please Don't Stop the Music,” My Fitness Music, 4:31

7. “Halo (Gomi Club Remix),” Beyonce, 8:57

8. “Chasing Pavements,” Adele, 3:31

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