How Jennifer Aniston's Fitness Regimen Really Stacks Up

Aniston's trainer shares the details on how the actress keeps her body in bikini-ready shape.

August 20, 2014
Jennifer Aniston

There’s no doubt about it that Jennifer Aniston is smokin’. At 45, the actress is not only radiant, but she’s in amazing shape! Obviously Aniston's fit routine is working, and according to her trainer -- it’s all about exercise and diet.

"Jen's a very consistent exerciser and eater," Mandy Ingber, Aniston’s yoga instructor, told ABC News of the prep for her recent Bora Bora getaway with fiancé Justin Theroux. "But when she has something she needs to focus a little more on, she just tightens it up a little bit."


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According to Ingber, Aniston follows these 3 healthy tips to stay in shape:

Cut out (unhealthy) snacks. "She won't have the extra chips," said Ingber of Aniston's self-control. What you put in your body is essential. According to Ingber that’s 80 percent of it. "It's not a big deal if you have a bite of this or that if you are mostly eating well."

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Ingber shared that Aniston is a huge proponent of staying hydrated. Not only does drinking more water increase energy levels, it also helps you to feel full. "Sometimes when you think you're hungry, you're actually thirsty," stated the yoga instructor.

Mix up your workouts. "We up the cardio  a little bit, if she's looking to sort of trim down," Ingber stated. 

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So how do these tips actually stack up when it comes to helping slim down?

"I agree that it is important to keep your diet in check if you are aiming to lose weight," said Jenn Seracuse, Director of FlexPilates at Flex Studios. "Snacking can certainly be a bad thing if you are making the wrong choices, but healthy snacking can be a great way to slim down."

Also, eating more small meals throughout the day will help to keep your metabolism up, she added.

Patrick Frost, Master Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, agrees that water and good health go hand-in-hand. “Drink plenty of water,” he advised. "Not only will you be filtering your body, but hydrating helps curb your appetite and subsequently fight those pesky cravings."

When it comes to seeing results, increased cardio is a key factor, as is mixing up your workout routine. Frost tells his clients not to be afraid of change -- and suggests trying out new (and fun) activities and classes to keep your fitness regimen exciting. 

"Your body is a multifunctional entity," says Frost. "It wants to move in all directions. Unless you are a pro-athlete, there is no reason why you should stick to just one fitness routine."

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