Svelte, Sexy, and Over 60

Don’t even think about calling these sizzling celebs seniors! They’re here to prove that your sixth decade could be your sexiest yet

August 3, 2011
Helen Mirren
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Helen Mirren, Age 66

She played "The Queen" on the silver screen, but superfit Helen Mirren was granted a new moniker this week. Stacked up against models, near-royalty, and even a Pussycat Doll, this dame claimed the title of "Best Body" in an LA Fitness poll, teaching us once and for all that you can still sizzle at 66. Her win is hardly a shock, considering just 3 years ago she made serious waves when she showed off her knockout bod in a teeny red bikini. But Mirren isn't the only over-60 celeb that still has it. The following sexy not-so-senior citizens prove that age is truly just a number.

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Harrison Ford
2/9 Getty
Harrison Ford, Age 69

How do you know when you've achieved lifelong sex-symbol status? When you hold your own donning a pair of leather chaps next to Daniel Craig, who is 26 years your junior. We swooned over Harrison Ford as Hans Solo and we can't help but feel giddy while watching him play the gritty Colonel Dolarhyde in Cowboys & Aliens.

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Sigourney Weaver
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Sigourney Weaver, Age 64

Between Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver, it would seem that actors who kick off their careers in space are spared the effects of aging. So it's no surprise that Weaver keeps going back for more, most recently in Avatar, the highest grossing film of all time. The naturally svelte star also stands at a modelesque 5 foot 11 ½ inches.

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Jane Fonda
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Jane Fonda, Age 73

With a name nearly synonymous with fitness, Jane Fonda blows us away with her strong and slender figure and her passion for exercise. More than 25 years after releasing her best-selling Jane Fonda's Workout videotape, she's at it again with 2 new DVDs. (Take one look at Jane and you know they work.)

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Meryl Streep
5/9 Getty
Meryl Streep, Age 62

Taking a page out of the Helen Mirren hotness handbook, Streep sizzles playing powerful women, from the fictional Miranda Priestly, the terrifying editor in chief in The Devil Wears Prada, to the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady (due in late 2011). Elegant and ageless, Streep swoops up Academy Award nominations--she has 16 to date--and is just as striking as ever.

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Bruce Springsteen
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Bruce Springsteen, Age 62

The Boss may have been "Born in the U.S.A." in 1949, but he can rock an arena like someone a third his age. When fans climb on friends' shoulders to toss unmentionables up on stage, its safe to say your sex appeal isn't waning.

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Raquel Welch
7/9 Getty
Raquel Welch, Age 70

Sultry siren Raquel Welch had her hopes set on becoming a ballerina until an instructor told her she didn't have the right body type. Luckily for Welch, all it took was one iconic turn in a fur bikini in 1966's One Million Years B.C. to convince America her figure was perfect just the way it was. Even at 70, Welch still graces the red carpet in glamorous curve-hugging gowns.

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Goldie Hawn
8/9 Getty
Goldie Hawn, Age 65

With matching megawatt smiles, Goldie Hawn could probably pass for daughter Kate Hudson's big sister--not that she's trying to stave off the aging process. Hawn's in good company in her sixties as her longtime partner Kurt Russell--a sexy celeb himself--just hit the big six-oh this year.

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Susan Sarandon
9/9 Getty
Susan Sarandon, Age 65

Susan Sarandon doesn't just look 20 years younger than her age, she acts it! Her youthful, not-so-secret passion is ping-pong, and she even opened a New York City table tennis venue, SPiN, to provide others with a trendy place to play. The other secret to Sarandon's vivacity? Not taking herself to seriously: She played Justin Timberlake's cougar love interest in the Saturday Night Live digital short, "Motherlover."

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