14 Date Ideas that Make You Move

Strengthen your body—and your relationship—with outings that’ll make you sweat

January 31, 2013
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A couple that sweats together, stays together.

"The gym is a great place for a couple to get to know each other and put their compatibility to the test," says Michael Bronco, who owns Bronco's Gym in Madison, NJ with his wife, Holly. Michael and Holly have been married for 17 years and credit the length and quality of their relationship to the hours they've logged exercising together. "It definitely strips down some layers--you get to see each other sweating, to know each other in a different light," says Holly. Couples also gain insight on where each partner places health on their list of priorities. (Read: 5 Ways to Prevent Relationship Weight Gain)

But the gym isn't the only place you can give your love life some oomph. Skip the tired dinner-and-a-movie routine and try one of these active dates instead. 

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Be a Team: Learn to Sail

Sailing requires quite a bit of elbow grease. Work together to hoist the sails and roll the jib--they don't call it a crew for nothing.

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Get Vertical: Go Climbing

Take your love to new heights with a climbing excursion. Adventurous couples may want to grab a guide and head to the nearest rock or ice-climbing wall. But if that seems a bit too extreme, easier options abound. Indoor climbing gyms continue to spring up around the country. Hire an instructor to belay you up the wall (if neither of you is certified), or take a stab at bouldering, which requires no equipment.

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Seek a Serene Escape: Go Kayaking

Lovebirds can leave their cares behind by hopping in a tandem kayak and setting off on an intimate water excursion. But be sure to pack a bit of patience--maneuvering this two-seater requires a lot of communication, hence their nickname: Divorce boats.

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Ignite Your Inner Foodie: Take a Cooking Class

Learn how to roll your own sushi, add a few knife skills to your repertoire, or head to an exotic market for a lesson on "spicing" things up in the kitchen.

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Show Your Best Sweat-Style: Hit the Tennis Court

Hitting the court is a great workout for even the worst players.  You may spend all that time running back and forth trying to hit the ball, but you'll also be showing off your cutest tennis skirt or sneaks.

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If You’re the Life of the Party: Go Dancing

Learn a few get-closer moves by taking a dance class.  To really steam things up, opt for salsa. The moves you'll strut will double in bedroom and on the dance floor.

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Hit the Links: Give Golf a Chance

If you don't get teed off easily, taking a swing at golf can be a great way to get in some exercise while also having plenty of time to talk. To cut down on the frustration factor, novice duffers may want to consider practicing at the driving range first.

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Take a Spin: Go Biking

Grab a couple of cruisers and see your city from a different perspective. Traveling by bike allows you to cover more ground in less time, which means more sights and scenery to soak up. Plus, riding a bike is one of the childhood experiences people share. (Related: 7 Reasons to Start Bike Riding) Relish in the fun and freedom that transpire during this heart-healthy activity.

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Give it a Whirl: Go Rollerblading

Bring back the '90s with a rollerblading date. While you bask in the sun, tooling around the park hand in hand, your lower body will get a butt-lifting, thigh-toning workout.

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Achieve the Big Om: Try Yoga

Yoga is about turning your energy and intentions inward, but that doesn't mean you can't do so with a cutie by your side. Better yet, attend a partner yoga class. It teaches strength, flexibility, trust, and cooperation--the building blocks of a healthy relationship.

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Swing for the Fences: Hit the Batting Cages

You don't need to join a team to take part in this great American pastime, just grab a helmet and bat and step inside the cage. Taking multiple shots at hitting a home run is a spectacular way to work your abs. The person who strikes out the most buys lunch.

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Relax and Revive: Book a Spa Day

Sometimes the best thing for your body involves doing nothing at all. Treat yourself and your loved one to a day of pampering. Sharing a couple's massage is the perfect way to relieve stress and reenergize. (Search: Best Types of Massage) You'll leave feeling lighter, happier, and ready for your next active date.

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Saddle Up: Go Horseback Riding

Create some good old-fashioned romance by riding off into the sunset with your prince charming or damsel in distress. Horseback riding is a great way to work on your posture and balance, while enjoying an activity that feels straight out of a 19th-century novel. Visit your local stable and ask about lessons or a guided tour.

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Heed Nature’s Calling: Take a Hike

If you're fond of going on walks with your beau, take the intensity up a notch by scaling a local peak. Being surrounded by fresh air and scurrying wildlife will make you forget about the awesome lower-body workout you're getting in. Bring along trekking poles to get your upper body in on the fun.