‘Gym Wildlife’ Documentary Mocks Every Person You See at the Gym

"Her emergence marks the beginning of the New Year's resolutioners."

December 30, 2015
Image courtesy of YouTube/Buff Dudes

If you've ever so much as stepped foot in a gym, you know it for what it really is: A jungle, filled with countless species of humans, sweating while powering through their daily reps (or something like that).

This "Gym Wildlife" documentary, created by a group that calls themselves the Buff Dudes, shows just that. "Millions of homo sapiens frequent this urban wilderness," the parody starts, as it shows a "female human," entering the sacred building for the very first time, determined to successfully embark upon her New Year's resolution


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It is there that she sees the attention-hungry, grunting weight lifters, the high school teens who park at a machine and refuse to leave for hours, and the "peacocks, [who] spread their arms wide and prance around in hopes of intimidating other males, and in the process, attracting a suitable mate."

Sound familiar? Seems like the stereotypes are universal. Take a look: